******* F/A-18 custom sound pack *******

Author: Serge LSA ([email protected])

Version 1.0 for FSX

******* About *************************

This is a custom sound pack for FSX F/A-18 Hornet.

This pack replaces default F/A-18 sounds. Sound samples based on real Hornet sounds from various video available on internet.
FSX sound cone technology is widely used to create as authentic and immersive sound environment as possible.

******* Installation ******************

1. Rename your current (default) F/A-18 sound folder to sound.bak (or whatever).

2. Make a new sound folder and unpack this archive into it.

3. Enjoy the sounds!

You can use "Bitchin' Betty" voice alerts included in this pack.

Set these parameters as desired:

max_warning_height = 300 // GPWS is active and max warning height is set to 300 feet.

LowFuelPct = 0.1, -1, 60 // Low Fuel limit (percent), check BELOW, check every 60 seconds
OverGLimit = 6.0, 1, 1 // High G limit, check ABOVE, check every 1 seconds

******* Legal Stuff *******************

This sound pack is public domain.

This sound pack is distributed without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. The author is not responsible for any damage caused by this sound pack.