Alphasim Vought RF-8G Crusader update for FSX and P3D. Model enhancements and texture repaints by Dean Crawford, DC Designs, August 2019

This is a simple update of the freeware Vought Crusader by Alphasim / Virtavia, to approximate the appearance of the RF-8G Crusader.

Additional features included ( in addition to those listed from earlier updates below ):

- Re-modeled fuselage section with added camera bays
- Full fuselage bump-mapping
- Virtual cockpit night maps and realistic lighting enhancements
- 3 RF-8G texture repaints

This model uses the P3D optimised version as standard. To use the FSX model, open your FSX > Sim Objects > Airplanes > ALPHA RF-8G folder and changle the model.RF-8G folder name to model.RF-8G_P3D. Then, change the model.RF-8G_FSX folder name to model.RF-8G. Your simulator will now use the FSX version.

Please read below for previous updates the the Alphasim Cruader by others for full operating instructions ( weapons loadouts do not apply to this version ).

Alphasim Vought Crusader for FSX Version 2

This update of the FS2004 freeware F-8 Crusader features:
- 4 native FSX models: US Navy F-8C + F-8J / Aeronavale F-8E(FN) / USMC F-8K
- New FSX glass textures and generic specular maps for the exterior
- Updated VC radar scope for the long nose late models
- Removable pilot
- Weapons can be loaded by entering their FSX Payload weight
- When the afterburner kicks in: BOOM!
- New fuel dump switch and wing vents vapour trails fx
- Extra Kneepad checklist explaining the refueling probe animation etc.

Configure weapon loadouts using the FSX Payload screen:
F-8C/J US Navy AIM9 : 800 lbs
F-8K USMC Zuni rockets : 800 lbs
F-8K USMC bombs : 4400 lbs
F-8E(FN) Aeronavale Magic: 400 lbs

FSX Carrier Launch:
First, I recommend to install the RFN Carrier gauge v4.2, the required panel.cfg
entries are already present.

1. Line nosewheel up with cat shuttle
2. Parking brake ON, wing incidence tilted up [F8]
3. Press launchbar key [U]
4. Arm catapult [Shift+I]
5. Throttle to full power
6. Press launch key [Shift+Space]

I did not do to much inside the VC because there are several comprehensive VC mods
out there on the web (Don Bodenstedts work comes to mind). PLEASE NOTE if you want
to use other panel mods, you will loose the effects controller code that I included
in the pack. The old Reheat_Auto_LOGO.xml code is not needed in FSX, instead make sure
you use these panel.cfg lines from my pack - [Vcockpit01]:

gauge42=F-8_xml!Engine_FX, 10,10,20,20
gauge43=F-8_xml!Systems_init, 10,10,20,20
//gauge44=Shockwave_lights!SW Lights_gear, 1,1,1,1
;-------Gauge Carrier Operations v41 Nav1----------------------------
gauge50=RFN_CarrierGauge!TACAN_Navigation, 0,0,100,112,Nav1
gauge51=RFN_CarrierGauge!CustomCatapult, 0,0,20,20
gauge52=RFN_CarrierGauge!Approach_Ctrl, 0,0,20,20,12.8
gauge53=DSD_Sound_Gauge!Sound, 0,0,10,10

Also, I calibrated the AoA bullseye gauge to match the NATOPS specs so using a different
panel mod with a different AoA indicator may give wrong bullseye indications.

Sound is aliased to the stock FSX Learjet, I recommend to replace it with a proper
soundset. The Virtavia F-106A Delta Dart is a good match, both jets use Pratt &
Whitney J-57 turbojet engines.

- Virtavia (for releasing this awesome model in their Alphasim Freeware Collection)
- Pam "Warchild" Brooker (I used bits & pieces from her FDE).

Henk Schuitemaker, Nov 2015


INSTALLATION GUIDE - F-8 Crusader for FS2004

Extract all the files into your FS2004 root folder. The necessary sub-folders will be created automatically.


1) Animations

Canopy : shift-e
Speedbrakes : / key
Wingfold : F
Refuel Probe : Concorde Visor


use the simicons on the panel or in the v-c, or -

shift-2 : Autopilot
shift-3 : Radios
shift-4 : GPS


The smoke trail is activated by pressing the i-key.


These files are freeware. Please amend/distribute as you see fit.

They are unsupported, so please do not e-mail us if you have problems.

Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site.

All rights reserved - Virtavia Pty Ltd 2012