A380 'First Flight' repaint by Darren Boon
Model by Robert Versluys. (FS2002 version)


Unzip (Extract) to your aircraft folder. Panel and sounds are aliased to the default planes, to reduce the file size. You can find suitable sounds in the SurClaro.com file library, and other FS websites :)

1) Visual model and Paint Kit Textures: Robert Versluys. Please read the PDF file enclosed in this archive. It contains important user and legal info.

2) A380 'Reveal' livery by Darren Boon (fsrepaints@tiscali.co.uk). Do not modify this package without my permission. Contact me (fsrepaints@tiscali.co.uk) if you want to modify and re-distribute this software product.

All logos are artistic representations. All airline logos are owned by their respective companies.

My repaint is an artistic representation of the prototype A380 paint scheme. There may be a few inaccuracies, and you must accept the software product 'as is'.

I'm not responsible for any damages resulting in the use of this software product :)

********* This package cannot be sold on a compilation CD or other media. This is freeware. Don't make money out of other people's work! **********