FS2004 Sfs airpark WA USA

Microsoft, Google earth and even some airports listing sites place the airport @48-02-09.0000N 123-46-25.0000W the airport s a private airfield located @48-02-09.0000N 122-46-25.0000W as just said the airport s private and the informations concerning it are very rare there are two buildings a house and a hangar? that i couldn t reproduce otherwise the airport s in conformity with reality . Seems that there are 6 aircrafts based at the airfield so i added 2 small GA ramps for AI traffic .
Because of the great distance of the error i couldn t delete the old runway but it can t be selected with the menu anymore .

Installation :

Put USA - Sfs airpark WA in Addon scenery activate it

Put an AFCAD specimen (AF2_80WA.bgl) in Addon scenery/scenery and one in Scenery/World/scenery

You need to have Runway12 installed (rwy12_program_v1.2.zip) :
http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=rwy12_program_v1.2.zip&CatID=root (don t forget to download the three objects libraries)
& the following libraries

Matt s trees vol II (matts_trees2_fs9summerag.zip):

vol III (matts_trees3_ggssummerag.zip):

IV (matts_trees4_broadleafs&conifers.zip):

VI (matts_trees6_palms&conifers.zip):

IX (matts_trees9_mpssummerag.zip):

XII (matts_trees11_mixed.zip):

Made with Sbuilder (&Rwy12) , AFCAD

Jean-paul Marchetti