Title: 7472dL2a.zip
Author: Donald L. Derwin Wi. U.S.A.
E-mail: donaldderwin@netscape.net
Date: Mar 26 Monday 3:21 AM Central time 2003
License: Freeware Aircraft
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002

This Aircraft is my 2nd to paint my first one was an American 737 7378d5da.zip
I painted with Microsoft 98 it took me about 1 and one half months about 10 to 12 hrs. a day to paint, and alot of patients!

I've flown alot of diff. panels

good and bad ones first I say don't ever use that gear wind in "my view" for it creates
problems with not stopping its sound! I finally never put that in ever again hit pause once the sound never stops in fs 2000 / I really like my out side views when I can fly in the
spot view and cut off auto pilot and land without changing views and I have for sure
its cut out because the light is out when I Land w/out auto pilot.

Also, I made this 747-200 panel.cfg With the HSI added to the spot views to make landing
Alot more easy and in this panel I added the hdg. so you can fly more easily in the spot views.

Also I made a VOR 2 so that you can fly IFR pretty easy and also you can rotate bearing
on the HSI to find out where you are using VOR and ADF When I fly I always Fly IFR I am a real pilot also in really life so it is really just like flying the real Instruments its easy but can be pretty pissing off sometimes / I also like the VOR 1, VOR 2, on the ADF gauge set it to read only VOR's since the ADF is in the 2 HSI's plus my extra VOR 2 in the floating view really good for IFR.

The extra DME and radios are really good for long flights you can set the auto pilot to fly
VOR to VOR and you can keep tracked of where you are at and when you need to change freq.
also you I assume you are in the spot plane view.



Thanks a mostly to the Project Opensky for the very accurate model Boeing 747-200B and for
permission to repaint their aircraft.


Not for commercial sale. Not affiliated with or endorsed by American Airlines.

I hate to make restrictions, but unfortunately there are too many people who
only looking for possibilities to make money from our great hobby.

! I'm not responsible for any damage resulting from using this file.
! DO NOT place this file on a site that requires a fee for uploading/
! downloading files. DO NOT bundle this file in a commercial package.



-All others who gives the Flightsim Community all that fantastic FREEWARE addons

- And finally thanks to Microsoft for giving us this great Flightsimulator! Thanks Mr.Gates


Happy landings!

Freeware Aircraft

"Don't Charge For Fun And Also for great flying IFR practice"

Donald L. Derwin U.S. NAVY AMS3 donaldderwin@netscape.net