American Airlines Boeing 747-200B FOR FS2000/FS2002.

***For FS2002 users ONLY, replace the *.air, *.cfg, *.mdl and model files with the ones*** supplied

Textures by Donald L. Derwin
Original textures by POSKY

Thanks go to the Project-Opensky team for their open paint policy.

This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky
Model Designer : Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami
Flight Dynamics Designer : Johan C Dees
Tested : Project-Opensky Members
Painter : Mitsushi Yutaka

For contact and information visit.

Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FS2000 AIRCRAFT FOLDER.

If you want to add the Instruments to spot views read my tutorial and also you have to add the gauges to the main gauges file in FS.

Regarding Reviewing our aircraft. If you are interested in reviewing our aircraft,
we would appriciate it if you would take some time to evaluate our plane. As you
already know our planes are very detailed and many things have gone into consideration
Please ask us if anything does not look right to you. There may be a good reason why.
Also in reviewing FDE, please be more specific, and also please add to the review
your level of expertise ie)how much knowlege do you have in flying this specific aircraft.
Thank you. This is much appriciated

Copyright and Distibution

This aircraft is released as Freeware.
Copyright (C) Project OpenSky . All rights reserved.
-For painters please see out webpage we are open for paintings.
-For other any changes you must ask permission to the Author.
-No charge may be made for this archive other than
to cover the cost of its distribution.
-The use of this aircraft is at your own risk, the author can
not be held responsable.

Project Open Sky


Donald L. Derwin
DISCLAIMER:-The use of this aircraft is at your own risk, the author can
not be held responsible.