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Download file  FSX Classic Wings Luscombe 8A Silvaire 

FSX Classic Wings Luscombe 8A Silvaire image 1

FSX Classic Wings Luscombe 8A Silvaire. The Luscombe Model 8 was one of those classics in aviation that was recognized for its nice lines, good performance, and excellent flying characteristics from its inception 1n 1938. A two-place side-by-side aeroplane, the Model 8A was re-marketed shortly after World War II with the intention of fulfilling the aeroplane-in-every-garage ideal. This Aircraft features all the usual animation, dynamic shine and click able Virtual Cockpit, Converted to fully flightsim X native format with permission from Lynn & Bill Lyons. Craig Richardson.

Filesize: 8.32 MB | Added on: 18-May-2010 | Downloads: 808

Download file  FSX Lancair Legacy 2000 

FSX Lancair Legacy 2000 image 1

FSX Lancair Legacy 2000. This is Robert Christopher 2004 Flight Simulator Lancair Legacy 2000 Modified and updated completely for Flight Simulator X. Lancair was Founded in 1984 developed by Lance Neibauer, Lancair has become one of the most successful kit manufacturers in the world. This Aircraft created to the specs of the Lancair IV Turbo Prop Model With a Top speed of 325 Knots. This Aircraft has a new 2D and 3D panel using default gauges. This beautiful little aircraft is painted in WWII NAVY Warbird scheme .All Modifications and textures developed by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft.

Filesize: 14.19 MB | Added on: 05-May-2010 | Downloads: 641

Download file  FSX De Havilland DH.91 Albatross 

FSX De Havilland DH.91 Albatross image 3

FSX De Havilland DH.91 Albatross. A beautiful, 4-engined British airliner of 1938, used developed by Imperial Airways and BOAC. Predecessor of the famous DH.98 Mosquito fighter-bomber of WW2. Version 3 model, with more accurate panel and virtual cockpit, and other improvements. For flightsim X only, flight simulator 2004 users should download instead. developed by Jens B. Kristensen

Filesize: 13.88 MB | Added on: 24-Apr-2010 | Downloads: 872 | Rating: 9 (3 Votes)

Download file  FSX Republic RC-3 SuperBee Amphibian 

FSX Republic RC-3 SuperBee Amphibian image 1

FSX Republic RC-3 SuperBee Amphibian. This is the famous Republic SeaBee with performance modifications. Lycoming GO-480 315 hp engine, 3 blade fully reversible Hartzell propeller, wing tip extensions. Complete package for FSX SP2 with full moving parts, 2D and VC panel, check and ref lists. A real fun plane, flies and floats beautifully. by Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.

Filesize: 3.60 MB | Added on: 20-Apr-2010 | Downloads: 1954 | Rating: 9 (6 Votes)

Download file  FSXA T-6G Texan 

FSXA T-6G Texan image 2

FSXA T-6G Texan. Civilian Restoration As a trainer it could punish as quickly as it rewarded yet once a pilot qualified in a Texan,they could qualify in any aircraft Built with fsds3.5 and fsdstweak,using the fsx acceleration sdk 3D model byWarwick Carter and David Eckert Pilot 3D model developed by Michael Flahault Textures David Eckert, Michael Flahault and Warwick Carter. Unzip files to a temp folder and read the readme for install instructions. Enjoy

Filesize: 24.04 MB | Added on: 18-Feb-2010 | Downloads: 1408 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

Download file  Ultimate 10-300 Aerobatic Bipe fsx SP2 

The Ultimate 10-300 Aerobatic Bipe For fsx SP2. This freeware model of the Ultimate is my gift to my fellow Simmers especially those who bought my commercial models marketed by Francois Dumas of The model is also dedicated to Gordon Price, the creator of the real world Ultimate. Gordon was so kind to let me use the color scheme of his aircraft and to display his name as the pilot on the Ultimate Bluehawk model. If you like to know more about Gordon and the Ultimate Bipe please visit http: ultbipe Martin X. Moleski, SJ (Marty) is the owner of the ...

Filesize: 10.95 MB | Added on: 26-Jan-2010 | Downloads: 231 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

Download file  N800JP FSX Default Cessna 172 Repaint 

N800JP FSX Default Cessna 172 Repaint image 1

N800JP FSX Default Cessna 172 Repaint. A stable and trustworthy plane, most pilots have logged at least a few hours in a Cessna 172, since its the most widely available aircraft in the rental fleet, and is used developed by most flight schools. Since the first prototype was completed in 1955, more than 35,000 C172s have been produced, making it the worlds most popular single-engine plane. One of Cessnas first tricycle-gear airplanes, the 172 quickly became the favorite of a growing class of business pilots. Its reliability and easy handling (along with thoughtful engineering and ...

Filesize: 3.38 MB | Added on: 23-Jan-2010 | Downloads: 246

Download file  repaint Tim Piglets Grumman AA-5B 

repaint Tim Piglets Grumman AA-5B image 1

This is a repaint of Tim Piglets Grumman AA-5B Tiger for FSX. This aircraft includes a 2D and a 3D panel created by Mel Mutter Textures created by Mark Fireball Rooks of RDG Aircraft

Filesize: 7.89 MB | Added on: 15-Jan-2010 | Downloads: 466 | Rating: 9 (2 Votes)

Download file  Default FSX Beech Baron Converted 58 TC flight 

Default FSX Beech Baron Converted 58 TC flight image 1

Default FSX Beech Baron Converted 58 TC flight dynamics specs .This Turbo Charged Baron is capable of 280 MPH in level flight. For Microsoft Flight Simulator X . Textures developed by Mark Fireball Rooks of RDG Aircraft

Filesize: 2.18 MB | Added on: 24-Dec-2009 | Downloads: 639 | Rating: 10 (2 Votes)

Download file  Beech Baron Converted Beech 58 TC flight 

Beech Baron Converted Beech 58 TC flight image 1

Beech Baron Converted to the Beech 58 TC flight dynamics specs .This Turbo Charged Baron is capable of 280 MPH in level flight. For Microsoft Flight Simulator X . Textures developed by Mark Fireball Rooks of RDG Aircraft

Filesize: 1.67 MB | Added on: 24-Dec-2009 | Downloads: 466

FSX Propeller Airplanes page 5 of 11

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