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  KBTs Q-200 Design model Modified FSX  
KBTs Q-200 Design model Modified FSX image 1

The Burt Rutan Q-200, It is a high-performance, sandwich composite homebuilt aircraft. Its compact external size, extremely efficient design, results in superb performance and unequaled fuel economy using a relatively low horsepower engine. The maximum speed is ...

Downloads: 1369 | 15.59 MB
  FSX SP-2 Acceleration AERO COMMANDER-MEYERS 200D Four seat (4) 
FSX SP-2 Acceleration AERO COMMANDER-MEYERS image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Seat general aviation aircraft, origionally made by Meyers, then production taken over by Aero Commander. Blessed with a strong airframe, speed, and smooth flying, the Meyers could have competed with any Bonanza type plane, had it better marketing and dealer ...

Downloads: 2206 | 8.16 MB
  FSX Cessna 414A Chancellor With VC (7) 
FSX Cessna 414A Chancellor With VC image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

6 8 place business and touring airplane. With tailored panel and Virtual Cockpit. Full moving parts including opening nose and wing lockers, door with airstair and animated pilot. Fully modelled interior. Full documentation including operating operating manuals and ...

Downloads: 3903 | 8.66 MB
  FS2004 Embraer 312 Complete bundle with trainer Tucano (1) 
FS2004 Embraer 312 image 1

Complete bundle with the trainer Tucano T-27 used by AFA - Brazilian Air Force Academy and many others AF worldwide. Include AFA and EDA textures. No virtual cockpit.Panel and instruments gauges by Paolo Dessani. Model, Flight Dynamics and textures by J.E.Narcizo ...

Downloads: 2690 | 17.13 MB
  USS Chase Single Tyler Shotwell Enterprise fleet I (1) 
USS Chase Single Tyler Shotwell image 1
Complete Aircraft

Fleet I previously made, this one is just a single Coast Guard Cutter(USS Chase). The same software is required(AI Carriers). For any problems, email me at

Downloads: 1381 | 2.45 MB
  bundle developed and modified FSX Flightsim FS2004 FS9  
bundle developed and modified FSX image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The Flightsim FS2004 FS9 version originally developed by Paul Hartl. Grateful thanks to Paul Hartl who developed the original for Flightsim FS2004 FS9. Without this as a start I could not have developed this FSX version. Max Symons

Downloads: 1276 | 1.21 MB
  FSX Shorts SD3-30 30 passenger twin turboprop Short (2) 
FSX Shorts SD3-30 30 passenger twin turboprop image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Off Landing (STOL) transport. Air Ecosse (Scotland). Passenger & cargo versions in the same package. Full bundle for FSX SP2 with tailored panel, VC, full passengers cabin modelling, sounds, check and reference lists. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell ...

Downloads: 3797 | 6.85 MB
  Aircraft converted FSX and tested with FS2004 (1) 
Aircraft converted FSX and image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Tested with FS2004. I have no Idea if you will have compatibility issues or not so use this file in FS2004 at your own risk. This is LYNN & Bill Lyons Waco Classic for FS2004 converted to FSX tweaks and modifications BY:David Grindele.

Downloads: 1564 | 2.14 MB
  MiniMax FSX Flight Replicas SUpport -262a-1a_at_hotmail (1) 
MiniMax FSX Flight Replicas SUpport: image 1
Complete Aircraft I built this model when I was learning Gmax. I always liked the MiniMax design, and it seemed like a simple enough model on which to try out newly learned Gmax skills. Lots of people patiently answered questions from me as things went ...

Downloads: 1520 | 16.56 MB
  MCR - 01 Ultralight Germany FSX Strausberg Aero Light Club  
MCR - 01 Ultralight Germany FSX Strausberg image 1

Club, Demoversion, The MCR Ultralight is a side by side two-seater airplane with incredible performance and capability. Fast and agile, the VLA was specially designed to reach top speed while giving the most enjoyable experience to pilots The MCR Sportster is a ...

Downloads: 2137 | 13.47 MB