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  FSX Flightsim FS2004 FS9 PZL M-18A Dromader Polish (9) 
FSX/Flightsim FS2004/FS9 PZL M-18A Dromader image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Agricultural and firefighting aircraft. First flown in 1976, the M-18 series has been approved and exported to several countries. This release has full VC, and five paint schemes. Will work in FS2004, with the usual tweaks.

Downloads: 5275 | 22.94 MB
  FSX Piper Warrior Turbo (4) 
FSX Piper Piper Warrior Turbo image 3
Complete Aircraft with VC

New animated 2D panel flight controls as while as in Virtual Cockpit Tweak airfile new paint. Aircraft file Tweaking paint mods. Mainly fixed over reacting rudder controls , and speed of Warrior, trimed plane. Mel Mutter Org Plane ...

Downloads: 6062 | 9.11 MB
  FS2004-FS X Piper Warrior-II PA-28-160 latest revision (3) 
FS2004-FS X Piper Warrior-II PA-28-160 latest image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

With xml-gauges. Especially the virtual cockpit was improved. There are two 2D panels: one for 4x3 and one for 16x9 monitors. The PH-SVG is an aircraft of the Rotterdam Flying Club in the Netherlands. By Rien Cornelissen.

Downloads: 2563 | 4.17 MB
  FSX Cessna 177RG A Gmax SDK retractable landing gear (4) 
FSX Cessna 177RG Gmax FSX/SDK retractable image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Gear version of Cessnas proposed replacement for the 172. At 200hp and considerably more aerodynamic than the 172, it was truly a standout airplane in its own right. This model is based on the real C177RG in which I received my complex endorsement. Full function ...

Downloads: 4872 | 4.60 MB
  FSX Beriev Be-103 light multipurpose amphibious aircraft a (11) 
FSX Beriev Be-103 image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The Be-103 light multipurpose amphibious aircraft is a single wing airplane with low-set water-displacement wing with a root strake, all-moving horizontal tail located in the propeller blow zone, and tricycle landing gear. A unique feature of the amphibious ...

Downloads: 5809 | 8.32 MB
  Antonov An-2 FSX FS2004 wheel and ski Add main kit (3) 
Antonov An-2 FSX/FS2004 wheel and ski image 1
Textures Only

Main kit (file, send bundle added texstures Polar Airlines and Russian AF (VVS), corrected texture for Amur Airlines. Textures exclusively - is require by file Upgrade of lateral views (panel.cfg) and correction problem with Landing ...

Downloads: 2763 | 2.13 MB
  FSX Aircraft - Cessna 303 called Crusader a six-place (1) 
FSX Aircraft - Cessna 303 called image 2

Is a six-place light twin aircraft. First flown on February 14, 1978, it was originally designed as a four-seat twin-engined craft that would have competed with the Piper Seminole, Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar, and Beech Duchess. After market demand for ...

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  FS2004 FSX GRUMMAN AMERICAN AA-5A CHEETAH introduced 1974 (1) 
Complete Aircraft with VC

Introduced in 1974, the AA-5 series were unique in their bonded honeycomb airframes, producing a simple, smooth, and strong structure. With a sliding canopy and quick controls, the AA-5 were a breed apart. The later AA-5B series had more powerful engines, giving ...

Downloads: 3957 | 5.45 MB