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Download file  FSX Nakajima Type-11 Gekko

FSX Nakajima Type-11 Gekko image 1

FSX Nakajima Type-11 Gekko. 2 re-texture for Hadi Tahirs FSX Nakajima Type-11 Gekko (Moonlight) dark hero, with a shared files pamphlet arrange to lose weight arduous push footprint, the master texture included in shared register arrange, all files saved as DXT5 DDS. 2 Gekkos in camoflage , from inglorious and ashen photos of Gekkos based in Rabaul. Includes a revised config. to simplify induction. induction. overt the J1N1S pamphlet. bump off the texture pamphlet and config file away. plump for up if you care. Unzip the zip file away to your J1N1S pamphlet. Thats it. comments, ...

Filesize: 5.89 MB | Added on: 20-Jul-2011 | Downloads: 301 | Rating: 9 (2 Votes)

Download file  Spitfire Mk 22 FS2004/FSX mould

Spitfire Mk 22 FS2004/FSX mould image 1

Spitfire Mk 22 FS2004/FSX new mould. The Mk22/24 series were the concluding developments of the Spitfire. They had a put up watch fuselage with a redesigned punk and mixed-up the classic Spitfire eleptical fender. afterward models had vindictive character fins and bigger tailplanes. They were powered by a Rolls-Royce Griffon 61 drive a five-bladed constant-speed Rotol Although. not declared outdated until May 1955, they was small secondhand later 1952, by which clip nearly surviving examples, more or less 80, were in memory. GMAX mold by A F Scrub.

Filesize: 15.48 MB | Added on: 18-Jul-2011 | Downloads: 743 | Rating: 6 (1 Vote)

Download file  Virtavia F-22A Update FSX

Virtavia F-22A Update FSX image 1

Virtavia F-22A Update FSX. This is an update for FSX of the Virtavia F-22A. I accept updated the flight of stairs dynamics, added a shipshape gage to both of the panels, added a livid nav light source, changed the others to smaller lights, and added afterburner flames. This is the wholly aircraft. Bob Chicilo. bchiciloatjet2 net.

Filesize: 22.26 MB | Added on: 15-Jul-2011 | Downloads: 2142 | Rating: 10 (7 Votes)

Download file  FSX f-35 lighting joint strike fighter

FSX f-35 lighting joint strike fighter image 1

FSX f-35 lighting joint strike fighter. is an original fs2004 archive i have converted it work on flight simulator X but as beieng my first download its not very good it could be called the marine corps addition becuase the marines f-35 does not do vertical takeoff / well neither does this one the nozzle and fans open but it will only take-off normally if you can fix this problem please feel free to but please credit me and the original designer Colin Thwaites also the textures are very low tech im sorry i couldnt do anything about that otherwise its a great airplane and pretty fun to ...

Filesize: 48.06 MB | Added on: 03-Jul-2011 | Downloads: 3814 | Rating: 7 (8 Votes)



FS2004/FSX SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE FLOATPLANE. The floatplane fighter version of Supermarine Spitfire was initiated during 1942, based on a Mk VB airframe using floats designed developed by Supermarine (as Supermarine Type 355). Converted developed by Folland Aircraft, with a four-bladed propeller and Merlin 45 engine, tropical filter and extra ventral fin. First flown October 12, 1942. Two further Mk VB conversions developed by Folland were made during 1943. All three went to Egypt in late-1943 and were flown from Great Bitter Lake, but not used operationaly. Gmax developed by A.F.Scrub

Filesize: 4.26 MB | Added on: 04-Jun-2011 | Downloads: 326 | Rating: 10 (3 Votes)

Download file  FS2004/FSX Spitfire Mk XVIII

FS2004/FSX Spitfire Mk XVIII image 1

FS2004/FSX Spitfire Mk XVIII. Externally the Mk XVIII was very similar to late production Mk XIVs. It had the bubble canopy and cut back fuselage. This aircraft did not see W.W.II service but was used in the Anti-terrorist war activities in Malaya during the 1950s. The aeroplanes role was mostly support missions for ground troops where they conducted operation Firedog missions to raid terrorist camps. GMAX mdl developed by A.F.Scrub

Filesize: 14.23 MB | Added on: 04-Jun-2011 | Downloads: 1560 | Rating: 9 (9 Votes)

Download file  FS2004/FSX Seafire Mk XV

FS2004/FSX Seafire Mk XV image 1

FS2004/FSX Seafire Mk XV. After the Mk III series the next Seafire variant to appear was the Seafire F Mk XV, which was powered developed by a Griffon VI (single-stage supercharger, rated at 1,850 hp (1,379 kW) at 2,000 ft (610 ft) driving a 10 ft 5 in Rotol propeller. Designed in response to Specification N.4/43 this Seafire version was a mixture of a strengthened Spitfire Mk XII airframe with folding wings.The fuel tanks, retractable tailwheel and broad-chord pointed rudder came from the Spitfire VIII. The first squadron to receive the Seafire Mk.XV in the Pacific was No.801 Squadron ...

Filesize: 4.44 MB | Added on: 04-Jun-2011 | Downloads: 1018 | Rating: 9 (5 Votes)

Download file  German Forces Luftwaffe Airbus A400M

German Forces Luftwaffe Airbus A400M image 1

German Forces Luftwaffe Airbus A400M. FSX texture repaint in the camouflage colours of the German Forces Luftwaffe for the new military transporter Airbus A400 M. Requires the original model from Patrick Le Luyer ( The new Airbus will be the replacement for the much smaller C-160 Transall. Repaint by Erwin Welker

Filesize: 3.92 MB | Added on: 17-May-2011 | Downloads: 2975 | Rating: 8 (1 Vote)

Download file  FSX Airbus A400M

FSX Airbus A400M image 1

FSX Airbus A400M. Airbus Military A400 M model for flightsim X SP2 with virtual cockpit. Special thanks to Dietmar Loleit for the radar, maps, HUD and TCAS gauges. Updated to fix cockpit errors and non showing gauges. Fixes by Chris Evans. With modified cameras. Original upload by Patrick Le Luyer.

Filesize: 33.83 MB | Added on: 17-May-2011 | Downloads: 3823 | Rating: 10 (4 Votes)

Download file  Handley Page HP-80 Victor KMK2

Handley Page HP-80 Victor KMK2 image 1

Handley Page HP-80 Victor KMK2. upgrade for fsx This is an uprade for the FS2002/FS2004 Handley Page HP-80 Victor made created by Kazunori Ito ( which you need to download. The flight dynamics has been made created by Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Benoit Dube, the XL231 texture created by Marc Hardouin, the sound created by Jean-Michel Renaux, the 2D panel and gauges created by Jean-Pierre Langer, all members of the Restauravia Team. As the model is not an fsx native one, it has no VC.

Filesize: 21.34 MB | Added on: 09-May-2011 | Downloads: 1372

   Flight Simulator Downloads > FSX Downloads > FSX Military aircraft page 5 of 29

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