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  FS versionFS2004 Authors Aaron Yan Wei Quan Tittle  

Of Add-on:KLAX Afcad Description:Afcad for Los Angelos International Airport for use with Afcad 2.2 and FS2004

Downloads: 179 | 19.39 Kb
  Flight Simulator versionFS2004 Authors Aaron Yan Wei Quan  
Flight Simulator version:FS2004 Authors image 1

Wei Quan Tittle of Add-on:WSSS Afcad Description:Afcad for Singapore Changi Airport for use with Afcad 2.2 and FS2004

Downloads: 316 | 177.15 Kb
  KGCN - Airport Update AirStar Helicopters update msfs  

The msfs default KGCN airport adds 3 startable Heliports to the airport. Also a building with tailored textures for the AirStar Helicopters VA is being set up. Installation: - Unzip this pack into an empty folder - copy AF2_KGCN.bgl to your Flightsim FS2004 ...

Downloads: 145 | 12.05 Kb
  QSH9_37ud1 === Bonaventure Airfield Gasp Peninsula Qubec  
QSH9_37ud1 === Bonaventure Airfield Gasp image 1
Textures Only

Qubec, UPDATE Qubec Short Hops for FS2004 This revision adds the missing Government of Qubec sign by the terminal and revised the Environement building to what it should be. by Lon Louis

Downloads: 159 | 571.45 Kb
  An impassioned plea forums inspired model a msfs default (1) 
An impassioned plea forums image 1

Model a better than msfs default scenery of Chicago Midway Airport. There appears to be a lot of interest in this airport. ATA and Southwest use it as a hub. I have modeled terminals a,b and c, the parking lot, and the tincan hangers to the north. I had to ...

Downloads: 1296 | 1.13 MB
  FS2004 Guam Intl Airport Won Pat PGUM Bill Melichar (1) 
FS2004 Guam International Airport Won Pat PGUM image 3

Melichar Description: Thia scenery represents the architecturally beautiful Guam International airport located in the Pacific Islands near the Phillippines. It has been completely redone for FS2004, and now represents the airport much closer due to some new ...

Downloads: 1200 | 7.03 MB
Downloads: 400 | 2.78 MB
  CFFM === John McAllister & Sons fisheries British Columbia  
CFFM === John McAllister & Sons fisheries image 3

British Columbia, Canada BC Short Hops The scenery is entirely fictitious. For FS2004 and for FS2002 === not tested but should work. by Lon Louis

Downloads: 360 | 2.88 MB
  Cessna 195 Blue Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Original  
Cessna 195 Blue Microsoft Flight image 1
Complete Aircraft

2004 Original by Mike Stone Repainted and Flight Dynamics by Daniel Nole Cessna 195 Blue. New Flight model and adjusted Flight Dynamics with a Jacobs R-755A-2 (300 HP) engine.Consum, power,climb rate,etc were all controlled and adjusted. Happy ...

Downloads: 241 | 482.75 Kb
  HAWAII O5 an extremely dense scenery Honolulu coast Flight (1) 
HAWAII O5 an extremely dense scenery trip image 1

Honolulu then up the coast for an Flight Simulator tour of Robins nest estate of the Magnum PI tv series using (Bjorn Buchners) great Hughes 500d helicopter with the highly detailed Magnum PI layout repaint by: (Peter M. Ridge,) Throughout this scenery and you ...

Downloads: 908 | 2.78 MB

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