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  FS2004-Caproni Vizzola F6M FM6Z  
FS2004-Caproni Vizzola F6M FM6Z image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Fighters The new project was to use the F5s airframe replacing wooden wings with metal ones and mount best engines.F6M had the German DB605A engine and F6MZ the italian Isotta-Fraschini R.C.25 60 Zeta. Only the nose changed,but dimensions and performances were ...

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  FS2004 Caproni Vizzola F5 champion  
FS2004 Caproni Vizzola F5 champion image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

For the first time flight on Feb 19, 1939 Fuselage had a frame social organization, made by soldered tubes covered, with duraluminium panels wings, had two wooden spars covered with fabric-coated, painted plywood panels. Landing paraphernalia retractable with the ...

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  FS2004 IAI 201 Arava  
FS2004 IAI 201 Arava image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Israel Aircraft Industries IAI 201 Arava in the colors of argentinian CATA L nea A rea. Model designed in GMAX includes reflective textures and a very detailed VC with full passenger cabin and many custom animations such as working windshield wipers, full ...

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  FS2004-Reggiane Re2003 (2) 
FS2004-Reggiane Re2003 image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Fighter Reconnaissence Re 2003 was a development of the Re 2002 fighter bomber ; first flew on 29 June 1941.A second crewman sat behind the pilot. It was equipped with an onboard camera equipment.The Fiat A.74 RC.38 engine was intended to be used originally, ...

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  FS9 Thunderbird 1 Mach 25 VTOL swing wing rocket ramjet (4) 
FS9 Thunderbird 1 image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Is the Mach 25 VTOL swing wing rocket ramjet propelled first response vehicle of the International Rescue fleet. Nuclear reactor for main power, situated aft. Central turbine engine, with bled-off thrust directed through two rings of vectored thrust nozzles, fore ...

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Complete Aircraft with VC

First flight 19 Dec 1942,all metallow-wing monoplane single-seat fighter with enclosed Piaggio P.XV RC.60 radial engine in fuselage behind pilots cockpit,a three-blade propeller driven by an extension shaft,the engine air intake under the fuselage.The armament. ...

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  EUROFIGHTER fs2004 - German airforce Luftwaffe Wing 73 (2) 
EUROFIGHTER fs2004 - German airforce Luftwaffe image 2

The Eurofighter is a single-seat, twin-engine, agile combat aircraft which will be used in the air-to-air, air-to-ground and tactical reconnaissance roles. Developed developed by Europe s leading aerospace companies, Eurofighter Typhoon is now in service with the ...

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FS2004-FIAT G56 FIGHTER image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The new aircraft was built from the Fiat G55 the fuselage was extended and amplified;in such modified hull was built the powerful engine Daimler-Benz 603A.Removed the Breda machine guns,only the three 20 mm cannons were left The first prototype flew on March 28th ...

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  FS2004-FIAT G55 S Centauro-TORPEDO FIGHTER  
FS2004-FIAT G55 S Centauro-TORPEDO FIGHTER image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Derivation of the G55,modified to carry a torpedo under the fuselage,first flew in August 1944.The radiator for the engine liquid cooler was split in two,and two racks were mounted under the fuselage.The tail wheelstrut was lengthened and a shock absorber ...

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  FS2004 Sai Ambrosini S403 Dardo Dart  
FS2004 Sai Ambrosini S403 DardoDart image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Differed from the S.207 in having a new wing profile, redesigned tail surfaces,a redesigned rear fuselage, a fully retractable tailwheel,20mm wing cannons. First flight in Jan 1943 but with the war at end,only the ptotoype was built. Model,texture,panel ...

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