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Download file  FS2004 Hols Der Teufel Glider updated 

FS2004 Hols Der Teufel Glider updated image 1

FS2004 Hols Der Teufel Glider (updated). A German training sailplane designed by Lippisch. The level served the 1st Hungarian Glider society MOVERO as well in 1929 without instruments. The start up way was toy-catapult. FS model by Naoki Uehara. precise flight dynamics, icy datas, repaint, panel by George Csillag.

Filesize: 265.42 Kb | Added on: 04-Oct-2011 | Downloads: 66

Download file  FS2004 SZD 30 Pirat Glider 

FS2004 SZD 30 Pirat Glider image 2

FS2004 SZD 30 Pirat Glider. Manufactured in Poland, popular refinement clubhouse category sailplane. The HA-4379 served the Hungarian Posta Aero Club. FS2K Designed by Oscar Pedrosa, gauges by Wolfgang Piper. Mods for FS2K4 workings by George Csillag.

Filesize: 658.92 Kb | Added on: 03-Oct-2011 | Downloads: 64

Download file  FS2002/FS2004 Heinkel -111Z Zwilling 

FS2002/FS2004 Heinkel -111Z Zwilling image 1

FS2002 FS2004 Heinkel He-111Z Zwilling. This was the most unusual variant of the aircraft ever developed. It was built to tow the massive Me 321 Gigant glider, which weighted in at 75,000lbs when full. Heinkelfs solution to this problem was to take two He 111H-6s, place them side by side and then connect them with a new central wing section. A fifth engine was placed at the centre of the new central wing, producing a five engined aircraft with two full fuselages, with the seven man crew split between the two sides. Two kind of paint examples(Green camouflage and Sand paint for desert) ...

Filesize: 15.43 MB | Added on: 21-May-2010 | Downloads: 544 | Rating: 8 (3 Votes)

Download file  FS2004 Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke 

FS2004 Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke image 2

FS2004 Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke. Motorglider D-KOII Version 1b, May 2010 Sports a high resolution fully operable virtual cockpit, possibly the first ever choke simulation in FS as well as some seemingly familiar instruments with rather unusual modes of operation, plus audible switches, buttons - and side windows. Full checklist in English and German, almost identical to the real planes. Flight characteristcs and aircraft operation closely tuned to the real bird. Usable as procedure simulator within the limits of Flight Simulator. developed by Wolfgang Piper, Mathias ...

Filesize: 7.86 MB | Added on: 04-May-2010 | Downloads: 196

Download file  FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro vc 

FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro vc image 1

FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro (vc). A tandem seater aerobatic glider. FS2K Designed developed by Max Roodveldt. Includes front - rear dynamic VC, metric instruments and sounds. Fixed FD for glide ratio and aerobatics developed by George Csillag.

Filesize: 2.37 MB | Added on: 21-Mar-2010 | Downloads: 432

Download file  FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro 

FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro image 2

FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro. A tandem seater aerobatic glider. FS2K Designed by Max Roodveldt. Includes front - rear dynamic VC, enlarged both system gauges, sounds, simple tow simulation. All in one post editor works by George Csillag.

Filesize: 2.97 MB | Added on: 17-Feb-2010 | Downloads: 203

Download file  FS2004 SzDG1000 Dream Glider 

FS2004 SzDG1000 Dream Glider image 1

FS2004 SzDG1000 Dream Glider. A DG1000 glider combination with the Polish SzDxy Jantar Standard. FS plane created by Juergen Zimmermann. Added panel and sounds. The fictional FD includes extreme high glide ratio and high speed. Mods created by George Csillag

Filesize: 1.53 MB | Added on: 04-Feb-2010 | Downloads: 405 | Rating: 9 (2 Votes)

Download file  FS2004 Marganski Swift S-1 Polish high 

FS2004 Marganski Swift S-1 Polish high image 1

FS2004 Marganski Swift S-1 A Polish high performance aerobatic sailplane. Flight Simulator model designed developed by Naoki Uehara. Mods FD, sounds, panel and repaint developed by George Csillag. (reworked pack)

Filesize: 662.01 Kb | Added on: 30-Sep-2009 | Downloads: 263

Download file  FS2004 Swift S1 HA v2 aerobatic sailplane 

FS2004 Swift S1 HA v2 An aerobatic sailplane by Edward Marganski. Flight Simulator model designed by Naoki Uehara. Included a real video too. Mods FD, sounds, panel and repaint by George Csillag. (full fixed final pack)

Filesize: 12.50 MB | Added on: 05-Sep-2009 | Downloads: 96

Download file  FS2004 ( 

FS2004 image 1

FS2004. Abbott Baynes Scud II A simple, affordable, lightweight soarer for club use. Needing exclusively a little handling party and being easy to maintain. First flight in 27 Aug 1932. Ver.0.1, By Edward Cook

Filesize: 738.61 Kb | Added on: 10-Jul-2009 | Downloads: 77

FS2004 Gliders page 1 of 4

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