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  Real Flight schedules Dublin Ireland FS2004 (1) 
Real Flight schedules Dublin Ireland image 2

Freeware use as you wish. By Derrick Atkinson Aircraft included, please respect the developers of these and preserve their copywright. Permission has been granted for their use from PAI,CDAI,AIEU ,AI Ardvark,and Flight Options.

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  FS2004 Transatlantic Cruise Plan  
FS2004 Transatlantic Cruise Plan image 1

An FSNavigator cruise plan from Southampton, England to New York City via the Titanic Memorial Platform. By Ed Sheats (LJ922)

Downloads: 1223 | 195.33 Kb
  FS2004 Alaska Passage Cruise Plan  
FS2004 Alaska Passage Cruise Plan image 2

An FSNav cruise plan for Mitsuya Hama Hamaguchis Queen Mary 2 cruise ship. Cruise from Vancouver to Juneau using the popular cruise ship route. By Ed Sheats (LJ922).

Downloads: 2247 | 433.94 Kb
  FS2004 Aircraft USAir USAirways and Shuttle operated  
FS2004 Aircraft USAir USAirways and image 1
Complete Aircraft

Shuttle operated the DC-9-30 Series Aircraft extensively during the 1970s thru 2001. This file contains three different aircraft USAir, USAirways, and USAirways Shuttle with the tail number N928VJ. This particular aircraft was operated by the now USAirways in ...

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  Flight Simulator 2002 FS 2004 AI MD-8X USAir an Aardvark (1) 
Flight Simulator 2002/FS 2004 AI MD-8X USAir image 1
Textures Only

AI Aardvark AI traffic model and is designed for use as AI traffic. Features 8 LOD models and moving parts. Very detailed, includes animated compressing gear, flaps and spoilers, thrust reversers, antennas, flap canoes and simulated gear bays and specular ...

Downloads: 1233 | 976.55 Kb
  RAF Martelsham Heath Ian Elliot  
RAF Martelsham Heath Ian Elliot image 1

This revised version includes AI traffic that makes this base come to life. Originally an airfield during the First World War, later was active in testing some of the important RAF designs in the build-up to WW11 including the Spitfire and Hurricane. During the ...

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  FS2004 Monarch Airlines Summer 2005 AI Flight Plans (1) 
FS2004 Monarch Airlines Summer 2005 AI Flight image 1

Real flight plans for all scheduled and charter flights. By Danny Hill

Downloads: 1469 | 109.43 Kb
Textures Only

AI TRAFFIC. I have included flight plans for the Airline and various repaints I have in my files. Many thanks for downloading my repaint. Billy Rutherford

Downloads: 935 | 305.23 Kb
  with John Youngs A basic traffic msfs default  

File which uses msfs default fs2004 traffic and works very well. HOW TO INSTALL - Insert file EGCN_TRAFFIC.BGL in - Program Files Microsoft Games Flight Simulator 9 Addon Scenery Scenery And hey presto Robin Hood Airport has traffic. GAMMASLAVE_at_HOTMAIL.COM

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  Vladivostok Avia Tupolev Tu-204-300 AI Traffic utilizing  
Vladivostok Avia Tupolev Tu-204-300 AI image 1
Textures Only

Utilizing AI Aardvarks Tupolev Tu-214RR model. This is an AI aircraft which is also very flyable. Aircraft and base textures by AI Aardvark. Enjoy! Mike Pearson Peoria, Arizona USA

Downloads: 856 | 414.59 Kb