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  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 777 Flight Deck v2 (2)
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 777 Flight Deck v2 image 1

Stand alone full version of Francisco Leons previous 777 deck. This one features autopilot plus keyboard selectable windows for GPS, Radio Stack, MFD and PFD displays, neatly displayed out of way of windshield and instruments gauges views. Now you can fly IFR and ...

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  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 777-300 (6)
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 777-300 image 1

1024x768 re-designed panel based on original FS2002 panel. Primary instruments are arranged according to Boeing 777-300 cockpit layout, with radio and compass integrated in panel. GPS and throttle panels open over PFD and MFD, creating an integrated look.

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  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 727
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 727 image 1

An altered version of 727 bmp of J. Waters. Got rid of inconsistent yoke and wiper. Changed .bmp with some rearrangement and new main panel area with altered version of B. Grabowskis EMB-145.

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  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 737-200 Custom panel
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 737-200 Custom panel image 1

FS2K PRO exclusively. Includes a lot of new features including cockpit views, pushback, yoke, new instruments gauges and night "pink" gauge lighting.

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  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 767-400ER advanced panel
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 767-400ER advanced panel image 1

Includes the following: GPS (deploys at the HSI), fully internalviews from the 767-400, compass, a special radiostuck throttle window, a pushback window, a special overhead window (with passengers cabin signs), and a flightyoke. This panel is also fully compatible ...

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