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FS2002 Panels > Airbus

  FS2002 - A320 A330 Panel
FS2002 - A320 A330 Panel image 1

To Install: Unzip Panel File To Aircrafts Panel File. Unzip Gauge File To Main Fs Gauges Instruments File. Paolo Dessani.

Filesize: 2.31 MB | Downloads: 2231
  FS2002 IFR Panel AIRBUS A-320 321 Professional Edition (1)
FS2002 IFR Panel AIRBUS A-320/321 FS2002 image 1

Edition exclusively Uses both msfs default and tailored instruments gauges from various authors. Uses ACS GPS Navigation System by Alan Cpt. -You need to have installed the fs2002 ACS GPS for working navigation system in the panel. Panel bitmap and avionics rework ...

Filesize: 1015.00 Kb | Downloads: 1419
  Featuring picturegraphic Main Panel with working gauges (2)
Featuring: picturegraphic Main Panel with image 1

Gauges, Autoland capability; GPS; FMC; Yoke; Crew dialog; Altitude warning; Altitude calls during approach. Built by Capt. I. DAttomo

Filesize: 902.00 Kb | Downloads: 4004
  FS2002 Airbus A-340 panel fs2k2 msfs default instruments (1)
FS2002 Airbus A-340 panel fs2k2 msfs image 1

Instruments gauges and tailored gauges. Assembled by Marco Spada

Filesize: 958.00 Kb | Downloads: 1816
  FS2002 Panel - Airbus 320 321

Uses FS2K msfs default gauges.

Filesize: 211.00 Kb | Downloads: 1595
  FS2002 Panel - Airbus A320
FS2002 Panel - Airbus A320 image 2

For 1024x768 resolution.

Filesize: 3.38 MB | Downloads: 2946
  FS2002 Panel - Boeing 737-400
FS2002 Panel - Boeing 737-400 image 1

Features Cabin signs, Compass, GPS, a special Throttle radiostuck window, a Pushback gauge, a real working wiper, removeable flightyoke and off course is this panel fully compatible with: VCP 2000, GPWS 98 2000, Flightdeck 2000, start-up 98, Airport 2000 v1 and V2 ...

Filesize: 2.67 MB | Downloads: 2380
Filesize: 2.62 MB | Downloads: 5853
  FS2002 Panel - Photorealistic Airbus A340 (6)
FS2002 Panel - Photorealistic Airbus A340 image 2

With picturereal permanent and toggled virtual overhead panel, throttle quadrant, pushback gauge, altitude callout, moveable stick, windshield wipers, flight deck views. Best view with 1024x768 resolution. Best compatibility with Airbus A340-300 ProMaxL2 by Camil ...

Filesize: 9.01 MB | Downloads: 8291
Filesize: 128.00 Kb | Downloads: 1572