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  FS2002 Qantas Airbus A320-200 Early Livery

This aircraft features fully moving animated landing gear, flaps, elevators, ailerons, airbrakes, moving fan blades, 3D engines and realistic night lighting.

Filesize: 366.00 Kb | Downloads: 579
  FS2002 Qantas Airbus A380 ProMX (2)
FS2002 Qantas Airbus A380 ProMX image 1
Complete Aircraft

Futures cargo luggages bay with night textures and sliding doors, unsynchronized flashing red strobe lights, double flashing white strobe lights on the wings, thrust reversed, wings and engines views from the cockpit with all the moving spoiler, engines fans and ...

Filesize: 1.02 MB | Downloads: 2704
  FS2002 Qantas Link Boeing 717-200 (2)
FS2002 Qantas Link Boeing 717-200 image 1
Complete Aircraft

VH-VQB. he aircraft features 32-sided fuselage with picture-realistic textures. Full moving parts include thrust reversers. Night lighting effects include landing lights beams.

Filesize: 465.00 Kb | Downloads: 1591
  FS2002 Qantas Boeing 747-400 (1)
FS2002 Qantas Boeing 747-400 image 1
Complete Aircraft

"Wunala Dreaming". 48-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique). Moving flaperons, spoilerons, ailerons, elevators, rudder, and fan blades. Tilting bogies, gear bays. All highly detailed: night lighting, flashing beacons. Transparent cockpit ...

Filesize: 1.81 MB | Downloads: 1846
Filesize: 139.00 Kb | Downloads: 937
Filesize: 120.00 Kb | Downloads: 558
Filesize: 250.00 Kb | Downloads: 643
Filesize: 136.00 Kb | Downloads: 1518
Filesize: 127.00 Kb | Downloads: 905