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  Pan B707-321b Adv Clipper Monsoon Reg N451pa C n 18957 (2)
Pan B707-321b Adv Clipper Monsoon Reg image 1
Complete Aircraft

18957. This Aircraft Has Full Moving Parts (rotating Fans, Flaps, Gear, Animated Control Surfaces Etc). This Model Has 36 Sided Fuselage And Engine Nacelles, 24 Sided Airfoil Wing And Horizontal Stabalizer Profiles. Uses Standard 747_400 Panel And ...

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  Default Textures repaint Boeing 747_400 FS2002 Pan Livery
Default Textures repaint Boeing 747_400 image 1
Textures Only

In Pan Am Livery By Alvery Guiler

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  Hu-16 Albatross A Tropical Delight Boasts Hybrid Paintjob (2)
Hu-16 Albatross Tropical Delight image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Hybrid Paintjob That I Created Based On A Pan Am Airbridge Design I Once Saw And My Own Creative Influences. I Have Based The Aircraft On Cozumel Island As That Is My Hang-out Of Choice South Of The Border. Original Aircraft Gmax Design By Greg Pepper. Water ...

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  FS2002 Pan American DOUGLAS DC-4 Reg (1)
FS2002 Pan American DOUGLAS DC-4 Reg image 1
Complete Aircraft

ID N88944, CLIPPER BERLIN, s n 35937 DO331 (ex USAAF 45-0484). In service at Pan Am from 04 1947 till 01 1954. Was operated for several month from Berlin-Tempelhof Central Airport. Complete with moving parts and realistic engine start. It also features switchable ...

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  FS2002 - Default B777-300 Pan Livery Textures repaint
FS2002 - Default B777-300 Pan Livery image 1
Textures Only

By Kevin S. Atkins

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  FS2002 FS2000 with Dream Fleets B737-400 and Text-o-matic
FS2002 FS2000 with Dream Fleets image 1
Textures Only

B737-400 and Text-o-matic. This is aircraft N407KW a standard weight aircraft with max takeoff weight of 143,500 lbs and 22.0k thrust engines. This for the new Pan Am just after it had aquired Carnival Air Lines. By Michael Thompson

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  FS2000 FS2002 Pan Boeing 727-51
FS2000/FS2002 Pan Boeing 727-51 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Pan Am 727-51 Clipper Viking, Simplified Blue Stripe livery. This airplane was bought from Northwest and operated throughout the early 80s. FS2000 Version . 3D gear bays, night textures with switchable landing lights all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, ...

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  a DC-10-30ER paintscheme Pan Americans Clipper Glory Skies
DC-10-30ER paintscheme Pan image 1
Complete Aircraft

Clipper Glory of the Skies. The model features all movable control surfaces and landing gear with complete night textures. Model by Kamal S.Kerba,AIR file by Herve Sors and original textures by Jaco Du Preez (FFG). Pan Am textures by Gary D.Jones

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  FS2000 FS2002 Pan Boeing 727-235 older Blue Stripe livery
FS2000/FS2002 Pan Boeing 727-235 older image 1
Complete Aircraft

Stripe livery. 3D gear bays, night textures with switchable landing lights all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, and very authentic 512512 textures.

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  FS2002 Historical Pan Boeing 727-221
FS2002 Historical Pan Boeing 727-221 image 1
Complete Aircraft

N368PA "Clipper Goodwill". Features 3D gear bays, all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, night textures with switchable landing lights, and very authentic 512*512 textures. This aircraft flew the last flight of Pan Am in December 1991.

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