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  FS2002 Air Canada Dc-9-32 (1)
FS2002 Air Canada Dc-9-32 image 1
Complete Aircraft

. (new Version). Highly Detailed; Features Full Sequence Of Flaps, Spoilers, Landing Gear, Bay Doors, Ailerons, Elevators, Rudder, Steerable Nose Gear, Rotating Engine Fan Blades, Transparent Cockpit, Full Night Light Effects And Textures With New Techniques ...

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  Fs2000 fs2002 Tango Air Canada
Fs2000/fs2002 Tango Air Canada image 1
Complete Aircraft

Boeing 737-232 Adv. Registration C-fhcp. Tango Offers Consumers A No-frills Air Travel Alternative Complementing Air Canadas Full Service Operations. Tango Currently Operates A Fleet Of Airbus A320 And Boeing 737, Offering A Unique all Extras Are Optional ...

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  Fs2000 fs2002 Air Canada Boeing 737-232 Adv Registration
Fs2000/fs2002 Air Canada Boeing 737-232 Adv image 1
Complete Aircraft

C-gcpx. Air Canada Provides Scheduled And Charter Air Transportation For Passengers And Cargo To More Than 150 Destinations, Vacation Packages To Over 90 Destinations. Features Full 3d Moving Surfaces, Flight And Ground Spoilers, Rolling Wheels, Steerable Nose ...

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  Fs2000 2002 Project Opensky Boeing 747-433m Air Canada (1)
Fs2000/2002 Project Opensky Boeing 747-433m Air image 1
Complete Aircraft

Fin 342 Reg. C-gagm. This Aircraft Is From The Original Air Canada Fleet And Has Pw Engines. Includes An Flight Dynamic Update For FS2002 Version. 48-sided Based Variable Sided Fuelage (posky Original Technique). Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami ...

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  FS2002 Bae146 Canada Flight Pack 1 An New Model Designed
FS2002 Bae146 Canada Flight Pack 1 An image 1
Complete Aircraft

Model Designed From Scratch Using Gmax. The Model Has Fully Animated Parts Including Functional Suspension And Folding Landing Gear Struts. Ive Included Textures For 4 Major Liveries - Air Canada Jazz (all 4 Colors), Air Bc, Air Nova, Air Atlantic With Full ...

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  Boeing 767-200 Air Canada High Quality Textures Featuring (1)
Boeing 767-200 Air Canada High Quality image 1
Complete Aircraft

Featuring Fully Animated Control Surfaces Dynamic Flexing Wings,animated Tilting Bogies,rolling Main Wheels,animated Thrust Reversers,fully Reflective Textures Accurate Flight Dynamics,flaperons,full Night Lighting, Visible Landing Lights From The Thingypit ...

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  FS2002 Aircraft B717-200 V.1 Inter Regional Mozambique air (1)
FS2002 Aircraft B717-200 V.1 Inter Regional image 1

Air Canada Fix Textures Textures For Replace The 2 Aircrafts In Metallic Colours Normal Version For By Mario Coelho

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  FS2002 Air Canada Tango B737 version 1.0 I repainted tail (1)
FS2002 Air Canada Tango B737 version 1.0 I image 1
Textures Only

The tail and TANGO sign to make it more realistic in appearance creating version 1.1 Dwight Estey

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  FS2002 Project Opensky CANADIAN AIRLINES BOEING 767-375ER
FS2002 Project Opensky CANADIAN AIRLINES image 1
Complete Aircraft

767-375ER v3 This aircraft is from the Canadian fleet and is shown in the original livery but now carries the fin 681 in Air Canada colours and has GE engines. Features Gmax dynamic flexing wing, tilting bogies, rolling wheels, steerable nose wheel, ...

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  FS2002 Aircraft B717-200 V.1 PART 2 Inter Regional
FS2002 Aircraft B717-200 V.1 PART 2 Inter image 1

Mozambique Air Canada Project rabbit-pack2 New Model csi With Fully Animated Parts, Including Funtional Suspension And Folding Gear Struts. Weight And Balance Optimized. New Foto-realistic Gmax Textures In Metallic Colours. Atc, Effects And Night Lights. ...

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