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Download file  FSX SP-2 Acceleration Boeing 7072 Orion Supersonic
FSX SP-2 Acceleration Boeing 7072 Orion image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

transport My take of the Orion craft from 2001, A Space Odyssey Models contain Virtual Cockpit and passengers cabin views, and multiple paint schemes. This is my first model with DDS textures.

Filesize: 20.19 MB | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 3819 Rating: 8 (17 Votes)
Category: FSX Space ships
Download file  Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker FSX
Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker FSX image 3
Complete Aircraft

Have you ever wanted to fly the SU-27, but couldnt find one for FSX? Now you CAN find a Su-27. This SU-27 model can perform the cobra, a manueuver that allows the pilot to take a snap missile shot at an enemy fighter above or behind him. Pressing the I key ...

Filesize: 60.34 MB | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 3483
Category: FSX Military aircraft
Download file  repainted textures Captain Sim C130H model painted new
repainted textures Captain Sim image 1
Textures Only

painted in the new colors of the North Carolina Air National Guard based at Charlotte Douglas International in Charlotte NC. Not sure if this is ACE compliant as I always do it the old fashion way. Drop the texture folder into the Captain Sim C-130 X-perience ...

Filesize: 3.91 MB | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 870
Category: FSX Military aircraft
Download file  FSX A320 FMGS software suite Beta5.1
FSX A320 FMGS software suite Beta5.1 image 1

Patches networking problems. Fully working PFD,ND,FCU,MCDU,SD and OVHD. Can work over a network. Captain and FO sides. by Jean Luc Nitard

Filesize: 9.37 MB | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 366 Rating: 9 (2 Votes)
Category: FSX P3D Utilities addons
Download file  FSX DTTEXTRA 300s airplanes horses Extra 300S be a
FSX DTTEXTRA 300s airplanes horses image 1
Textures Only

would be a champion thoroughbred. It is, in fact, designed to be a champion in Unlimited class aerobatic competitions. The 300S combines light weight, a 300-horsepower engine, and exquisite control harmony in an aircraft that has won several World Aerobatic ...

Filesize: 559.70 Kb | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 172
Category: FSX Aerobatics
Download file  FS2004 FSX Key West 1950 Foxs Hangar
FS2004/FSX Key West 1950 Foxs Hangar image 2

Based on pictures of Key Wset this is my own creation of Key West Intl, what Im calling Key West Intl 1950. The scenery works in flight simulator 2004 and FSx. There are a few required files, but most of the models are my own. Thank you for downloading ...

Filesize: 8.21 MB | Added on: 24-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 145
Category: FSX Scenery