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  FS2000 Adventure Developer 1.0E application

FS2000 Adventure Developer 1.0E This application allows you to create adventures and flight plans. Go from any airport to many airports in the world with any of your planes. Follow your plane on the map the world, with Flight Simulator running or not. Use SID/STAR, Print your own map of your trip with all the airports. All with ATC support and co-pilot help. Allow you to have various emergencies, create various weather situations and more. Over 60 pages help manual, 50 sound files, and sample. Complete with C++/VB SDK to develop your own add-ons. By

Filesize: 9.34 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1946 Rating: 1 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Adventures

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Lama Air Alouette

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Lama Air Alouette III Helicopter This helicopter was designed for FS2000/2002. It features animated rotor blades, transparent windows, moving pilot-head, night lightning (landing lights, strobe lights) and a realistic panel with different monitors (Shift+1...5), to adjust pilots view (Shift+Enter) Designer Heli and Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek

Filesize: 1.85 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1533 Rating: 5 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Helicopters

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Piper PA28-180

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Piper PA28-180 OY-DHD v1.2 This is a modification of the msfs default FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 PA28-180. Includes a flyable model, picturerealistic instrument panel co-pilots panel and a working virtual panel. All with tailored made gauges. Aircraft textures are also picturerealistic, based upon an aircraft flown by Billund Air Center in Denmark. By Ole Egholm

Filesize: 5.68 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1364 Rating: 5 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Propeller Aircraft / Piper

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 PRO Beechcraft

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 PRO Beechcraft C12J United States Air Force Ser Nr. 60081 This aircraft is based in Alaska and used for logistical support, pilot training and VIP transport. New Ver 6 design including Panel, Sound, Views, all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc.. and night effects. Designer: Barry Blaisdell Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design

Filesize: 15.13 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1062 Rating: 9 (3 Votes)
Category: FS2002 Propeller Aircraft / Beechcraft

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Gerrishs Trees

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Gerrishs Trees Library (1) Autogen Trees Replacement FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Scenery. A high quality replacement for the msfs default Autogen tree textures. All 19 different trees, palms and shrubs used for the Autogen vegetation are replaced with enhanced high-resolution images depicting each of the five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and hard winter (i.e. snow). Transforms the appearance of the FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 scenery. By Gerrish Gray

Filesize: 1.46 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 945 Rating: 9 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Scenery / FS2002

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Royal Air Force

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Royal Air Force De Havilland DH-100 Vampire F Mk.3 Highly capable British fighter bomber, little, agile, relatively fast and yet able to carry bombs and rockets projectiles as well as 20 mm cannons. This one is from the 608th Squadron, RAF Thornaby Air Base, 1950-51. Model and Textures by Roger Hardy, Sound Set by Mike Hambly, Flight Model, Panel and Package by Simone Prattico

Filesize: 5.06 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 660
Category: FS2002 Panels

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Marine Corps

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 US Marine Corps Learjet 45 A repaint of the msfs default Learjet 45. The Learjet 45 provides mid-size jet comfort with legendary Learjet performance. Advanced engines provide excellent high temperature and high airfield performance, plus exceptional fuel efficiency. The Learjet 45 can cruise comfortably at a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet and has a range of 2,303 miles (or 4,408 km) at a speed of 533 mph. The Learjet 45 received US FAA type certification in September 1997, following one of the most comprehensive flight test programs in corporate aviation history and entered service in 1998. Textures repaint by Bob Bongiovanni

Filesize: 662.00 Kb | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 636
Category: FS2002 Business Jets

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 1941 Indian 4

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 1941 Indian 4 Motorcycle See great FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 scenery up close! Fly to your favorite airport, switch to the Indian 4! Full Moving Parts. Motorcycle by Joe LoGrasso. Sound & Dynamics by Bill Lyons. Golden Eagle Squadron Members

Filesize: 1.10 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 596 Rating: 7 (2 Votes)
Category: FS2002 Scenery / FS2002

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing 747

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing 747 textures Set of 3 new Boeing 747 textures for Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia No added comments.

Filesize: 989.00 Kb | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 496 Rating: 6 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Airliner aircraft

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Confederate

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Confederate Airforce B29 FIFI Boeing Super Fortress Wing span: 53.09 m (174.18 ft) Length: 39.62 m (129.99 ft) Weight: 88225 kg (max) Power:4x 3853 HP / 2833 kW P&W R-4360-63A Speed: 436 km/h (271 mph) Design & Textures: Arik Hohmeyer Flightdynamic: Dave McQueen, modified by Chris Grabow

Filesize: 2.89 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 412 Rating: 3 (1 Vote)
Category: FS2002 Airliner aircraft

  complete F50 flight dynamics

This is a complete new F50 with new flight dynamics, high res 512x512 textures. Now including nightlight textures The gear now retracts prototypical, the props looks like the real thing and the transparent cockpitwindows give a clear view on the flightcrew! To make the passengers happy they even have a stair. By Rob Bennis Textures repaint by: Ivan Rodriguez Flight Dynamics by: Alejandro Villa

Filesize: 6.35 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 267
Category: FS2002 Airliner aircraft

  Full Version

(Full Version).This update reduces over all file size and Replaces V1.0 (cg152p10,zip).Includes 300A Series Radios,Transponder and Autopilot. GPS, outside views, Master switch, Magneto start Switch, panel light switches, Yoke ON/OFF Switch.This panel was tested with the aircraft file By Marcelo Canovas. This panel was designed and 3D tested at 1024 X 768 By Chuck Grimes

Filesize: 49.00 Kb | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 230
Category: FS2002 Panels

  Inter European Boeing 737 Passenger Safety

Inter European Boeing 737 Passenger Safety Information Card In-Flight Magazines normally stress that it is important, prior to takeoff, that passengers read the Passenger Safety Information Card which is in the aircrafts seat pocket in front of them. An Inter European Passenger Safety Information Card has been reproduced for all Flight Simulator enthusiasts using an original airline safety card for guidance. Enjoy this Passenger Safety Information Cards for what it is - adding that very little touch of reality to the virtual pilots experience! By B.Semmens (Capt.sem) 16 Feb 2002.

Filesize: 505.00 Kb | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 90
Category: FS2002 Airliner aircraft

  Panel FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 msfs

Panel uses FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 msfs default instruments gauges with an added seat beat, no smioking lamps and aircondition switch. The panel is designed to have all instruments gauges including the throttle, radio stack, and most other instruments gauges on the main panel, with the exception of the GPS. By Bruce Benaway

Filesize: 1.12 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 82
Category: FS2002 Panels

  FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 A319-100 INTER

FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 A319-100 INTER TransAir Mozambique Fotorealistic textures and metallic colours, all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, including flaps, slats, elevators rudder, spoilers, gear bays, gears (all 3D), rotating engine fans and steerable front wheels, plus 3D cockpit with pilots. Weight and Balance optimized. Own fotorealistic panel. Default sound. Original by Gary Jones/Ingo Richard Panel, WB and Textures repaint by Mario Coelho

Filesize: 1.22 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 74
Category: FS2002 Panels

  Default FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing

Default FS2002 - Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing 737-400 replacement textures. By Alexandre Cadel

Filesize: 526.00 Kb | Added on: 22-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 73
Category: FS2002 Airliner aircraft

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