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  F22 ThunderRaptor F22 downloaded

F22 ThunderRaptor F22 downloaded image 1

F22 ThunderRaptor The F22 you have downloaded is as near as one can come to a depiction of a f22 as a USAF Thunderbird. We hope youll enjoy it.The texture is all original and is the property of D.L. textures. Should you want to renumber your f22 you may do so using an appropriate graphic program (i.e. psp 10). By exclusively the number may be altered. To install the aircraft: 1) unzip archive 2) the folder named instruments gauges needs to be placed in the fs9/gauges folder just copy contents over to there not just the folder 3) go flying Original aircraft design -Kazunori Ito Updated original texture D.L. Textures reached at

Filesize: 1.04 MB | Added on: 12-Sep-2006 | Downloads: 8011 Rating: 7 (9 Votes)
Category: FS2004 Military add-ons

  Blue Sky Simulations -building freeware

Blue Sky Simulations -building freeware image 1

Blue Sky Simulations re-building freeware department present : Cessna 206H for Fs 2004 : Cessna 206H300 hp 6 pax registred in FRANCE LFMD based. Owner: ( First flight and aerial services ) Real aircraft use Garmin g1000 avionics and cargo pod equiped. Instead this release include 2 garmin gns 430 & stec 55 pa. No cargo pod available. Total installer for fs 2004 include aircraft, 2d & 3d cockpit, textures and new flight dynamics. Flight Simulator 2004 FHAEV release including new 2d/3d cockpit,textures & flight dynamics by Roger BONNE . Special thanks to the authors GUIDEE Franois-Denis for the beautiful 3d model and NEHR Gerd R. for Garmin gauges. Enjoy this aircraft and good flights !

Filesize: 10.97 MB | Added on: 12-Sep-2006 | Downloads: 7343 Rating: 7 (12 Votes)
Category: FS2004 Propeller Aircraft


ALTERNATIVE HALO TEXTURE V Nocturnal Brian image 1

ALTERNATIVE HALO TEXTURE V Nocturnal By Brian Neitzel. FS2004 Alternative HALO Texture V Nocturnal changes most runway lights, runway strobes, some aircraft landing lights, marker lights, vasi lights and spotlights. With Alternative HALO Texture V you can choose the look, and halo color around the landing lights as well as choose the color of the spotlight to match the landing lights on select aircraft, now with 256 colors, like the msfs default halo texture. In AHT5 you will be able to choose marker/runway light size before resizing runway lights, vasi lights, strobes, and approach bars with the Runway Light Scalar. This upgrade is intended for Power Users and serious Simmers. By Brian Neitzel Enjoy! FREEWARE! Tested with Flight Simulator 2004. Works great with Thunder and Lightning Virtual Reality 2 as well as my other textures. Use at your own risk!

Filesize: 3.03 MB | Added on: 12-Sep-2006 | Downloads: 3084 Rating: 10 (2 Votes)
Category: FS2004 Utility

  FS2004 Costa Brava Sailing Yacht

FS2004 Costa Brava Sailing Yacht image 1

FS2004 Costa Brava Sailing Yacht.The model was made in Gmax. This is very close copy of the real Wally 55 sailing yacht. The model has a switch to set full sail and to lower sail, has a new spinnaker sail and new textures. The boat is balanced to sail with 16-18 knots of wind. Moving parts include: windows, back flap, rudders, ropes, sails, flag. Model has real teak wood deck with bumping map. Virtual cockpit includes full functional switches and real gauges, like wind indicator - Windman 2000 and marine compass. Robert Waszkiewicz - Deltasim Studio.

Filesize: 8.67 MB | Added on: 12-Sep-2006 | Downloads: 2773 Rating: 8 (10 Votes)
Category: FS2004 Land & Water

  Phantom f4d phantom chase

Phantom f4d phantom chase image 1

the Phantom f4d made especially for the phantom to chase his nemisis. Plane orginator Rey Lopez new panel by Paolo Pessani Texture D.L. Tarbox to install... unzip file to temp directory place the folder in your fs9/aircraft folder go to the gauge folder and find and take individual files and copy them to your main fs9/gauges folder fly and get the bad guys..... D.L. plane is complete ..I take no responcibility for nay damage texture may not be used or duplicated for distribution all rights reserved by d.l. studios

Filesize: 2.39 MB | Added on: 12-Sep-2006 | Downloads: 1507 Rating: 3 (4 Votes)
Category: FS2004 Military add-ons

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