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Download file  Spindrift air sea- vessel FS9 
Spindrift air sea- vessel FS9 image 1

Captain of the Spindrift, a sturdy air and sea-going vessel that can mostly be described as Stardust Steampunk.Max the throttle and let her reach about 130 knots or so, and she should begin to rotate out of the water. If you have trouble getting out of the water, ...

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Download file  FS9 Hark Aerospace Police Interceptor 
FS9 Hark Aerospace Police Interceptor image 2

The Police Interceptor version of the Hark Aerospace Stratocruiser was adopted universally by police forces in large metropolitan areas when it was released in 3009. A powerful and versatile land vehicle and aircraft, featuring hover VTOL capabilities, ...

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Download file  FS9 Hammerhawk Starfighter 
FS9 Hammerhawk Starfighter image 3

Introducing the Hammerhawk, a compact and deadly starfighter manufactured by Hark Aerospace. Sporting three twin sets of energy weapons and extraordinary maneuverability and speed, shes a force to be reckoned with. Full VTOL capability. Often called the snubnose, ...

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Download file  FS2002 FS2004 Whispercraft 
FS2002/FS2004 Whispercraft image 1

Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.33. This aircraft is based on SF action movie The 6th Day, in the 2000. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the owner of a small aircraft rental company specializing in VTOL Whispercraft, advanced helicopter-like ...

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Download file  ...5 futuristic ships floating heights Offutt Air Force 
...5 futuristic ships floating image 1

Heights over Offutt Air Force Base (KOFF), Nebraska. There are two big airborne aircraft carriers to land on and take off from; the USS Steve Hinson and the HMS Geddy Lee. A littleer defender is alongside the USS Steve Hinson. A ways back behind them and ...

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This file provides a fictitious UFO, reminding typical sightings. SHOOTS PHASER, tractor ray, many animated parts. Also amphibian, more than mach 4. Includes Virtual Cockpit. Uses msfs default MS B737-400 reworked sound files. Its part of a future big project ...

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Download file  FSX Aircraft GHHE1 a fictional rocket-shaped aircraft 
FSX Aircraft GHHE1 GHHE1 fictional image 1

Rocket-shaped aircraft designed for high speed, high-altitude flight, and extreme maneuverability. Completely redesigned from the ground up for FSX, the aircraft has a fully animated model, all tailored instruments gauges and complete virtual cockpit. By ...

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Download file  2UFOGA Flightsim FS2004 FS9 FSX FLYABLE UFO version an 
2UFOGA Flightsim FS2004/FS9 / FSX FLYABLE UFO image 2

Version of an UFO. By Libardo Guzman (GUZMAN-ARTES)

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Download file  FS 2004 Fairchaild Boxcar C119 Flight Phoenix film prop 
FS 2004 Fairchaild Boxcar C119 Flight image 1

Prop Have you ever wondered what happened to the C119 used in the film ? Textures by Francis F. Silva of Silva Design Group - Model by Daisuke Yamamoto

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Download file  Tie Fighter Pack 2 Flight Simulator 2004 new texture 4 
Tie Fighter Pack 2 Flight Simulator 2004 image 1

Texture 4 Tie Fighter for FS2002 2004 phil ( )

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