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Selection of our best videos One the most exiting and fun Flight Simulation games nowadays is War Thunder, actually is a complete War game that includes ground vehicles and ships. I do love and have flown all and every Microsoft Flight Simulator version available since it first 80's version (I created this website about it and because that love), I've also flown countless hours and days in X-Plane and Prepar3D, each one has it's pros and cons and all of them are awesome and suited for specific pilots or mood. But when looking to flying just for fun and online War Thunder is definitely the one I choose.

Why? among a lot of things, because it has beautiful graphics, run steadily at 60 FPS (V-sync enabled) no stutter or lags at all, outstanding flight models, incredible and beautiful airplanes, many challenging modes and the best of all it's based on the freemium business model so you can start flying free, make a career and upgrade your airplanes totally free or if your are in a rush (like me) you can buy upgrades. There is no quality difference between any game asset despite you earn it by playing good or buying it.

Let's watch a video I made of the Mig-15 chasing and shooting down a Sabre F-86. Had to be Slow motion because the realtime action is so fast!
Selection of our best videos This Video Show the most important Premium Membership features. No edition, this is "really what you get!"
Selection of our best videos A video is better than thousand words!!! This one show the new sign-in and login interface together with the also new automatic integration with the Forums. No matter what login method you choose your account will be synchronized with the Forums!