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View your movies in real 3D

Posted on Jan 08 2002 12:44:38 PM by webmaster (2134 views)
E-D Glasses & products from eDimensional eDimensional, in cooperation with programmers from around the world, has developed a proprietary new rendering technique for all your favorite MPEG movies and websites. Take the plunge , immerse yourself in Virtual Realitys holographic world with your favorite movie or website. After months of testing, this exclusive new process for use with the eDimensional E-D Glasses allows you to turn normal MPEG movies from CDs & the web into real-time full screen 3D. Experience the thrill of being there LIVE as you will "swear youre there" inside the 3D movie. Get ready for a wild ride as your PC comes alive in a 3D world. Consider the possibilities: adventure, horror, comedy, drama, action, classics, and more!

It is theoretically impossible to extract perfect 3D information from existing 2D content. However, with diverse theories and patent pending algorithms, eDimensional has succeeded in converting 2D content into a feeling of depth and immersion in real time. This algorithm performs precise analysis on image sequences to extract movement between the images. From this motion type analysis, it determines which direction the camera or object moves, and provides pertinent depth feeling to each objects in the image by using this information. This algorithm can convert the image with not only the movement in left, right, up and down direction, but also in very fast movement or no movement at all.

Works instantly with any MPEG in Full Screen!