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Free Premium Membership

Posted on Dec 01 2017 11:42:07 AM by webmaster (4745 views)
General stories Did you knew that with SurClaro reward system, you can get a free Premium Membership? Become a contributor and easily earn points by rating, liking downloads or uploading screenshots and youll be a premium Member in no time.

With our reward system, you can get a free Premium Membership for contributing!

Points are earned either by:

    •Liking a Download or Photo, clicking on like button found on downloads or photos. (4 Points)
    •Making add-ons ratings & quality reviews not just "good" or "nice" kind of reviews (4 Points)
    •Uploading screenshots (only approved pictures qualify) (10 Points)
    •Uploading add-ons (only published files qualify) (20 Points)

If your total points in the last month reach 150 or more, your account is automatically upgraded to Premium for 30 days and renewed automatically as long as you keep contributing and maintain your points.

So keep liking pages, reviewing add-ons and uploading screenshots.

To check your earned points and redeem your Premium Membership, just visit your user Account page.

Upload your screenshots and photos here

Upload add-ons here

Outstanding, active and collaborative SurClaro Facebook Fans or Forum Members may also be freely upgraded at our sole discretion.

Watch the video and see what your Premium Membership is about