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FlightSim Reviewers Wanted

Posted on Nov 30 2010 09:28:04 AM by ceo (4919 views)
General stories SurClaro is looking for reviewers with writing skills, a passion for aviation and flight simulation. If you think you fit the bill, please send a sample review using the following format to webmaster [at], enter "addon review request" as subject to avoid spam filters. Inquiries not accompanied by a writing sample will be promptly ignored.
Selected reviewers will have free access to a vast of payware add-ons... keep reading to learn how

HTML coding will be provided by us, you dont have to worry about it.

Be sure to include your pen name (this is a name that you may want to use instead of your own) and your correct email address.

The review length should be no shorter than 600 words and have at least 4 in-game screenshots.

This template is a guide only, feel free to add or modify as you wish.

Review template

Add-on information:
Review System:
Add-on Price:
Release date:

Opening comments on the add-on, typically 3 - 5 sentences.

Highs: (in point form with main words capitalized)

Lows: (in point form with main words capitalized)

Body of review:
This is where your analysis of the add-on takes place. Be sure to go into detail.


Ratings 1-10 (10 being the highest mark. You can rate any point you want but the overall rating is mandatory)

Detail level:
Frame rate impact: