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Captain Sim 767 Captain Version 1.1 Released

Posted on Aug 25 2009 10:27:06 AM by ceo (5677 views)
New Add-ons

The 767-300 Base Pack version 1.1 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:

New features:

    •Four new exterior models:

      •Boeing 767-300ER GE (variant 2)
      •Boeing 767-300ER PW
      •Boeing 767-300ER PW (variant 2)
      •Boeing 767-300ER RR

    •Ten new liveries
    •Winglets available for all models
    •ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor)
    •Two flights (Cold-n-Dark and Hot)
    •Animated sun shields (4) in VC
    •Animated overhead compartments (100) added
    •Separate Captains and F/Os fx lights control in VC


    •Fuel system recasted
    •APU system recasted
    •APU power loss fix
    •Speed brake fixes
    •Sound fixes
    •EICAS fixes
    •Autobrake knob fix
    •RTO switch fix
    •TRP Temp selector fix
    •Cargo Overheat Light switch fix
    •Engine performance fix
    •Center of Gravity (CG%) settings fix
    •Stab trim setting fix
    •TMCP mode fixes
    •GPWS callouts fix
    •EPR calculation fix
    •MCP Mach settings fix
    •Command airspeed bug fix
    •Cabin TV set fix


    •Improved Textures
    •Improved Model
    •Flaps animation fix
    •Up dated Manuals

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