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Boeing 737 Cockpit video

Posted on Aug 13 2009 01:53:02 PM by ceo (4918 views)
General stories AviaFilms Production has released their newest Cockpit Video: The Boeing 737 Cockpit vs. Simulator + Free Bonus. The video features a return flight on the Boeing 737-300 Classic series between 2 airports in Italy. By cutting out a major part of the long dull cruise the film features the most exciting moments of this midnight flight. On both the outbound and inbound legs the pilots navigate us with topmost precision by sole reference to a basic FMC and analogue instruments to our destination airport and back. Despite the poor weather conditions where high winds and moderate rain accompanied us during takeoff and landing you will witness what its like to perfectly land a 60 ton airliner.

In the second part of the film AviaFilms then takes you on a crazy flight in the Boeing 737 full motion simulator. The student pilot and a skilled flight instructor will make several traffic circuits with a 40 knot crosswind and eventually perform a FULL LOOP and a couple of barrel rolls to show you what this aircraft is capable of performing.

To make the experience even more entertaining the package features an extra bonus film where you will see an outside view from the Boeing 737 on landing at Oslo Airport and some cockpit view aerobatics in the L13 glider.

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