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X-Plane add-ons downloads & pictures opened!

Posted on Apr 17 2009 08:19:48 AM by webmaster (12570 views)
General stories Update: X-Plane Addons section is avaialble at our FlightSim Shop

We are opening new download and screenshots sections dedicated to X-Plane flightsim, as you may know MS has laid off its entire Flight Simulator development team so no new official fligth sim developments will came from MS.
As consequence, the people at X-plane is aiding MSFS fans and developers to do the switch (

X-Plane add-ons developers are all welcome to start uploading here at SurClaro (, the requierments for add-ons packages be published are pretty the same as for MSFS...additionally to the add-on, it should contain a picture (jpg,gif or Png) to be used as thumbnails when published and a textfile with description, x-plane version, type and author, this information is very important to allow our editors in the add-ons categorization.

X-Plane fans you can start now to send your screenshots (Click here and select X-Plane) and if you are looking for new add-ons, please be patient until we start receiving uploads.

If you know any X-plane add-on developer and you like to invite he to upload on SurClaro, it will be greatly appreciated.