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World Extreme Landscapes - New from Abacus

Posted on Apr 08 2005 04:36:38 PM by webmaster (7164 views)
Abacus new and releases With Microsoft Flight Simulator you can effortlessly travel to places that most of us only dream about. Flying the simulator is a certainly a great way to visit the world. From the dizzying heights of the Himalayas to the dense jungles of the Amazon and from the picturesque Alps to the remote, rugged headwaters of the Nile, theres an endless supply of adventures awaiting you.

By simply adding World Extreme Landscapes youll instantly transform these places into even more magnificent views. Based on Flight Simulators adaptable elevated mesh terrain technology, weve boosted the detail up to 128-fold. Weve replaced the default elevation data with super refined 76 meter (38 meter for some locations) information. The result is an incredible scenic views bringing the Flight Simulator experience even closer to reality.

World Extreme Landscapes boosts the visual accuracy of Flight Simulator by adding millions of points to Flight Simulator