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Newest Release from Abacus - FS Flight Ventures

Posted on Oct 06 2004 12:24:34 PM by webmaster (11896 views)
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Our latest add-on for MS Flight Simulator is FS Flight Ventures. With this new package, developer Matthias Schill introduces a totally and unique concept. Instead of flying around randomly, this expansion package has you flying missions with a purpose.

For example, one of the missions has you stationed at the remote Whitehorse airport in the upper reaches of Canadas Yukon Territory. A group of geologists has reported signs of an apelike creature that make noises similar to hooting chimpanzees. Is there really a Bigfoot? As you scour the wilderness, be prepared to land in the bush near the Ross River.


FS Flight Ventures includes 28 complete, exciting missions each with its own custom scenery, maps and instructions. As you fly, youll feel more at ease if you retain a sense of humor. Here are some of these new missions:

    •Bermuda Triangle Mystery
    •Egyptian Pyramid Tour
    •Find the Fugitive
    •Storm Spotter
    •Oil Spill Adventure
The only way to report on this celebrity wedding is from the air
As a bonus, FS Flight Ventures includes the heavy-duty Air Tractor AT-802 in both wheeled and float versions for the more rugged missions.

FS Flight Ventures is available now by download. The CD-ROM version will ship to retailers nationwide beginning October 29th. Users can fly two complete missions by download the FREE Demo. For more information and to download the demo, please click here.