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New TrackIR2 Limited time offer...

Posted on Apr 09 2004 03:05:24 PM by webmaster (4402 views)
E-D Glasses & products from eDimensional eDimensional is offering for limited time its trackIR2 product for only USD99.95, to take advantage fo this offer please visit this link

TrackIR2 Hands Free Gaming Controller

The NaturalPoint TrackIR2 is the perfect enhancement for gamers and simmers looking for a competitive edge and an enhanced virtual reality experience. Imagine controlling your field of view in first person shooters, flight simulators, and many other types of games by simply looking around!

TrackIR2 features a new advanced imaging system running at 100 frames per second, over 60% faster than the original trackIR.

How Does it Work?

Complete view control with small head movements - move your head a little and the view changes a lot.

The TrackIR2 follows your head movements using the same type of infrared tracking technology utilized by military pilots. Look around without taking your eyes of the screen!

No Bulky Headset to Wear

Unlike other head tracking game controllers and mouse replacements, the TrackIR2 works without a cumbersome headset or any other hardware attached to you. Just peel off one of our tiny reflective dot stickers, put the TrackIR2 unit on top of your monitor, and youre ready to go. Works great in combination with the E-D glasses!

Two Modes of Operation :

Mouse Emulation Mode

In mouse mode, the TrackIR2 takes control of your pointer or mouse view game function. Simply move your head in the direction you wish to look and your view changes accordingly. The TrackIR2 mouse mode can be used with any game that lets you control your view with a mouse.

TrackIR2 Enhanced Mode

TrackIR2 Enhanced mode brings a level of accuracy and reliability to sims and games not available with any other headtracking product by putting optimized TrackIR2 support directly into many of the most popular simulation titles.

TrackIR2 Enhanced titles include:

Microsoft Fight Simulator 2002/2004 IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles Lock-On: Modern Air Combat Live for Speed Falcon 4: Operation Infinite Resolve Fair Strike "Using trackIR2 with Lock-On is an amazing experience that brings the 3D cockpits to life" - Matt Wagner, Lock-On producer

"This bad boy could very well change the way serious PC simheads pilot their virtual aircraft" - PC Gamer

Connects easily to via USB