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simMarket presents ZERO from AeroSim

Posted on Apr 25 2003 05:44:01 PM by webmaster (11245 views)
Combat Flight simulator AeroSim

EUR35.00 - ~U$36.50

Crossover Add-on for MS Flight Sims (CFS3, CFS2 and FS2002)

The Zero Fighter was the definitive Imperial Japanese Navy fighter aircraft. It was designed for speed, range and maneuverability, and it had no match at the start of the WWII. She was armed with two 20 mm cannons and two 7.7mm machine guns, and she could cruise for 8 hours with a drop tank attached.

Two versions of Zero are included, namely Museum model and Combat model. The former was produced as faithfully as possible to the real one. For instance, inside of the engine, and even oil pressure pipe for the braking system are precision-made. Concavo-convex spar of aileron are also made in detail. The latter was produced to be frame-rate friendly. Combat model Zero is thereby recommended to be flown in the mission and quick combat.