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Posted on Dec 29 2002 12:22:56 PM by webmaster (3389 views)
Flight Simulator 2002 The Sportster Ultralight is a complete add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 only.
It has been developed based on the extensive research we have done on this type of light weight, low price, private aircrafts. In this project one of the main goals is to recreate an ultralight that feels private, not an aircraft with a company standard look and feel.
In the Sportster design we have decided to use the Flightstar Spider model wire frame due to its sporty look and challenging tubular design, the rest of the aircraft has been develop using a wide range of solutions taken from several other ultralight models.

•The 3Dmodels of the Sportster were entirely developed with Gmax. The Sportster Ultralight comes with two different versions of the same aircraft, one on wheels and another one on floats
•The models are very detailed and fully animated, including all moving surfaces, rolling steer-able wheels, moving pilot harms and legs, throttle, pedals, stick, etc
•The Sportster Ultralight was designed to be flown from the virtual cockpit. In this project we gave special importance to the VC due to the characteristics of the aircraft (fully animated as well)
•The Sportster also includes custom flight instruments, including the EIS v 1.0
•The textures for the Sportster were specifically developed to allow inexperienced users the ability to colour personalized their own variants of the Sportster with almost no work at all. Users can customize almost all the regions of the aircraft and pilot
•The flight dynamic files for the Sportster were developed with the help of experienced pilots who gave us an accurate insight of how should an aircraft like this fly and behave in the sky

Package price: € 20.0
For more details and to download/order, please access