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RTWChallenge Version 3.0 Kicks Off Today

Posted on Nov 06 2002 01:36:59 PM by webmaster (1911 views)
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There has been a lot of buzz concerning this challenge. Why? This trip is not a trip around the world in the traditional sense. This trip flies in and out of some of the worlds most dangerous airports. The point of this trip is to test your skills as a pilot. This journey uses all types of aircraft. You will have a chance to fly a single engine into a tight approach on a dirt runway and you will have the chance to fly a 777 into the worlds most synonymous airport. There are plenty of chances to fly every type of aircraft that Fs2k2 has to offer. For those of you who have been waiting ever so patiently have no fear you now have another journey ahead, thanks to all of our members for being so dedicated to helping others.

This journey will begin today just after noon eastern time. When the trip nears completion a FlyIn will be scheduled so that anyone and everyone will have a chance to fly the worlds most dangerous approach and take part in the culmination of this very bold tour.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this, our third journey to the far corners of the world. If you are new to flight sim, or if you are a seasoned veteran we welcome you with open arms. If you are just starting out then you will find that we are always willing to help and our members are the best, they always come through. If you have any questions you may email Jeff(Xplane) at
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