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Test Flight Reports:

FS2004/FS2002 Bell UH-1H Iroquois

Model by Deane Baunton - Repaint Angelos Hatzikatakos.

Reviewed by The Rhythmosaur

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Bell Uh-1h Iroquois - Rnzaf For Fs2002 & Fs2004 by Deane Baunton The Bell Model 205 (uh-1d/h) Iroquois Evolved From The Bell Model 204 (uh-1b), The Result Of A Us Army Request For A New Helicopter Suitable For Casualty Evacuation, Instrument Training And General Utility Duties. The 205 Iroquois First Flew In 1961 And Featured A Longer Fuselage Than The 204, Providing Room For 2 Pilots And 12 Troops, Or Space For 6 Stretchers, Or Up To 4 000 Lbs Of Freight. Large Scale Production Of This Model Ensued And The Iroquois Played A Major Role In The Vietnam War. Historians Of The Usaf Have Noted That Almost All Battlefield Casual Ties During This War Were Evacuated By Iroquois.
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Category: FS2004 Helicopters


Registration: HAF-4703

Home: Larissa AB, GREECE


"FS2004/FS2002 Bell UH-1H Iroquois

This model is a UH-1H Hellinic Air Force Huey with a working rescue hoist. Animated model with custom panel, sounds, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit and Reflective Tex."

(quoted from readme file)


Categories: Multipurpose military/civil slide helicopter. Overall graphics lower top class, high realism. Mid system requirements though.



ISA-Test: Omitted

Tested with variable crosswind up to 12kt.




Lower top graphics. Realistic shape and proportions, former lightly reflecting textures have been edited. 2 Pilots/ 1 crew that comes to the entrance when the doors (2) are opened to operate the hoist.


Rotor only tilts at very low rpm (while start/stop sequence). No tilting as reaction to controller inputs at all(sniff!).

About 2 minutes time for the main rotor to stop, fine.


Outside rating: 9

Please more usage traces/dirt for the fuselage!



Cockpit Mode


You'll find yourself on the right hand seat and you'll have this strange "ooops, I'm not alone" effect when you look to the left. You'll see the F/O smiling, and the part of his face you can see (the rest is hidden by a huge helmet he wears) looks like taken from a photo. Behind you in the fond you'll see a crew soldier who seems to like his job, too.




Virtual Cockpit


features full operating and in graphic quality unchanged panel for both seats and an outstanding visibility (if your joystick features a hat switch) You'll love to fly it in VCock mode.


Inside Rating: 9



Photorealistic panel with readable gauges. Most useful FS-switches available. Note the ďusedĒ look, this panel seems to be in service since a few years.

Panel Rating: 10 (no wishes left!).



Very realistic sound with strong deja vue effect (or deja ecoute - to be precise). Due to default sound system start up/shut down sequence missing.


Sound Rating: 9(due to missing s/u and s/d sequence)



The file comes with a .doc history file by the modelís author, and a .txt file about the use of this specific Heli in the Greek Army by Mr. Hatzikatakos.


Overall Rating: 9Recommended for skilled pilots.

A very impressive piece of work that deserves solid 9 points.


Notes on handling:

For skilled Pilots with at least 10h Jetranger experience highly recommended. I suggest reduced realism settings and -important!- hard surface for T/O and LDG for beginners. Not recommended for never-flown-a-heli rookies.


All rights and lefts reserved.

All immages without ďFlight SimulatorĒ headline are taken from the Pics folder of the file and are property of Angelos Hatzikatakos.


NOTE: There are several more Helis and repaints of Angelos out on the site. Type the name Hatzikatakos in the search window (carefully avioding misspelling of course J ) to check this. Home Page | Downloads | New files | Top files | ScreenShots | Reviews | News | Links