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Test Flight Report

Aeromacchi MB 339 Frecce Tricolore FREEWARE

(This is not the Lago File!)

Revised and assembled by Paolo Zamparo, Version 3.0 for FS2004


Reviewed by The Rhythmosaur


Category: Jet Trainer / Aerobatics Jet






The Aeromacchi MB339 is the enhanced version of its forerunner, MB326 and MB326K which also had been flown by this aerobatics squad of the italian airforce called Frecce Tricolori, resulting from 8 suggestions by Aeronautica Macchi in 1972.


The MB339 had its first flights in August 12th, 1976 and was that successful that it is not only still in production but was exported in 8 other countries. The Frecce Tricolori use this version since 1982.

The newest generation called MB339CD/FD was specially improved for aerobatic use and features up to date equipment. Major changes were a modified front compartment to improve visibility, and an enlarged rudder section.




The frame itself seems a bit like made from plastic, but gear details as well as cockpit details are clearly visible.




This is the speedbrake



Zooming the cockpit details



and that’s night lighting. It’s a bit brighter than it seems. Making this pic fit for internet took a bit of brightness away unfortunatelly.


Compared to the real thing, the shape is precisely imitated. What I don’t like that much is the all homogenous appearance of the fuselage. No usage traces, less traces of construction parts as it looks like built up from one.


Rating: 7






One to make you happy: Stunning details,



….wherever you look



with the exception of the back seat. Whereas you can see all the detailes from outside, you will find nothing there if you move backwards using your Virtual Cockpit. No instuments, not even a seat.




And as you will see with the next picture, the panel’s shape is different to the one used in cockpit mode. However, switches and gauges work brilliantly from the VC.


Rating: 8






The most amazing part of this plane:

Untill now, I have not seen a panel for an aicraft of this category that can offer that much of functionallity. You really got everything you need.



Pop up panels are – despite of the throttle to the left – implemented in the panel itself: Multi functional fuel gauge on the right including flow, usgage, elapsed maximum flight time with current settings, TAS, GS, range and even fuel dump.

In the middle you see a built in connection to FS meteo (If you have it).

Over the secondary artificial horizon you now see a standby whiskey compass.

The Radar gauge on the upper left – with FSUIPC you’ll even have a functional TCAS.



A HUD display providing you with lots of information.

I will introduce more features of this stunning panel further below.


Rating: 10




The package comes with a skysong soundworks file by Aaron Swindel – no fear, it’s freeware. It has been well worked out and is very bearable inside the cockpit.

Startup / shut down sequences, brakes and canopy sounds are included.


Rating: 9  





It’s really a pity: The author included a handbook with screenshots explaining every single gauge, but ….(sigh) – e tuto in italiano -all in italian. But he also included the original readmes of the authors who made some of the gauges.

He did not supply historical information – the text above is from my own research (rather less I know).

Checklists and references are both italian and english, accessible from the kneeboard.


I would be ready to give it a 9 if the handbook would be translated, but as the majority of the useres will have problems with this, it is, sorry, only


Rating: 7






Wing vortex and three selectable colors for smoke,  guess – yes, the italian colours



This happens when an aerobatic rooky like my tries a cuban eight…



…a heart…



…and that’s a SurClaro S (or at least should be…)






More features:

Applying gear or flaps while flying to fast results in damage (unforunatelly not visible, but audible).

The panel has multiple safety devices: Working Ice warning, altitude warning (when approaching the service ceiling – more below), two step stall alert.

Auto rudder coordination selectable if you disabled autorudder.

Canopy can be opened from the panel without using the shortcut.



Notes on behaviour:



You HAVE TO start manually once the engine is off. (I don’t think that’s bad.)





You got your…






but it seems it can’t spin.



…and can be easily recovered.



-         You’ll find it easy to fly. However, on the ground it needs a lot of thrust to get it moving.

-         Trim control seems way to sensitive. Trimming must be performed very very carefully.

-         When reaching the service ceiling of 46000ft, the engine  will stop. There’s a two step altitude warning, but curiously I found FL 459 to be most economic: best groundspeed and maximum range according to ISA test. I think it’s not accurately simulated.



Easy, but warning systems can give you nightmares for lifetime as they react quite hysterically.



Overall Rating: 8/10


The main reason why this plane is so much enjoyable for me is the panel and the VC. All in all a good job that can safe you a few bucks if you want to decide wether to get the payware or not.


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Fs2004 - Aermacchi Mb339 Pan - Century V 3.0. Military Italian Aerobatics Team Aircraft By Paolo Zamparo The State Of The Art ! Airfile Tuned With The Help Of Mb339a Pilots White Red And Green Smoke For Airshow Wing Vortex - Exhaust Smoke - Fire !!! Panel-airmodel-gauges: By Paolo Zamparo Aircraft Designer: Massimo Taccoli Radar: By Eric Marciano & Jorge Salas Sounds: Aaron Swindle - Skysong Soundworks Revised And Assembled By Paolo Zamparo

Filesize: 16.55 MB
Added on: 21-Apr-2004 Downloads: 1163 Rating: 8.2 (6 Votes)
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Category: FS2004 Military


Have fun!


The Rhythmosaur


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