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  Vistaliners B737-300 Southwest N300SW (2) 
Vistaliners B737-300 Southwest N300SW image 1
Complete Aircraft
A repaint of Vistaliners B737 300 in Southwest airlines N300SW colors. Just Place the unzipped aircraft folder into fs2004 and it will show up under Boeing. Colin Lowe adjustable22athotmai
FS2004 Airliners | 2.61 MB | 27-May-2010 | Downloads: 1164
  AI Package Kuwait Air Force A4s (2) 
AI Package Kuwait Air Force A4s image 1
Which were based at Ahmed Al Jaber AB, is the southern air base in country. That also home to newer Kuwait F18s. The package contains aircraft model was made created by Nick Black, so credits go him for that 29 paints kuwaiti colours be Zsolt Beleznay Flightplans ...
FS2004 AI Traffic | 5.79 MB | 02-May-2010 | Downloads: 1246
  Boeing 737-800 Kulula Flying 101 (1) 
Boeing 737-800 Kulula Flying 101 image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC
This is a repaint of the Project open Sky Boeing 737 800 in Kulula Flying 101 colors. Unzip and place aircraft folder (K738) into FS2004 then copy paste contents effects to folder. The will show up under Kulula.I hope you enjoy flying this as much I had painting ...
FS2004 Airliners | 12.94 MB | 12-Apr-2010 | Downloads: 1177
  TAM Airlines A330-200 PT-MVP (2) 
TAM Airlines A330-200 PT-MVP image 1
Complete Aircraft
This aircraft is painted in a special livery, with the logo of Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), as TAM now oficial sponsor CBF, and its air carrier. The text fuselage reads: TAM, selections (here, are all national soccer teams). Please forgive me if repaint ...
FS2004 Airliners | 5.41 MB | 31-Jan-2010 | Downloads: 1519
  Version 1.2 IL-18D FS2004 Aircraft Four Paintings Cubana (1) 
Version 1.2 IL-18D FS2004 aircraft four image 1
Complete Aircraft
Cubana de Aviacion old colors, classic colors and white Aerocaribbean template for Repainters. This model is a complete job flight very accurate to the real. The panel has been modificate of reality in order simplify operations pilot. English Spanish manual. A: ...
FS2004 Vintage Aircraft | 10.72 MB | 16-Dec-2009 | Downloads: 1399
  Repainted Textures SGAs Excellent Freeware DC10-30F  
repainted textures SGAs excellent image 1
Complete Aircraft
DC10 30F Cargoitalia I CGIA repaint by Lee Marrow email setting up just unzip to your required flightsim X or fs2004 aircraft folder , sounds are for the msfs default 737 800 in There wont be any panel as version is
FSX Aircraft addons | 31.63 MB | 20-Nov-2009 | Downloads: 1589
  FS2004 A380-800 Fictional SkYAiR Romanian Colors  
FS2004 A380-800 fictional SkYAiR Romanian image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC
A repaint of Mihai P. A380 800 in fictional SkYAiR Romanian colors! Just drop the folder into fs2004 aircraft it will show up under Airbus,A380,SkYAiR. Send me mails on adress below,what do you think about this plane.
FS2004 Airliners | 48.02 MB | 15-Oct-2009 | Downloads: 1880
  A Repaint Robert Versulys A380-800 Jaser Airways Drop A380  
repaint Robert versulys A380-800 Jaser image 1
Complete Aircraft
Just drop the A380 folder into fs2004 aircraft it will show up under Airbus,A380,Airbus Colin Lowe adjustable22_at_hotm
FS2004 Airliners | 40.50 MB | 27-Jun-2009 | Downloads: 1170
  Project Opensky - B737-700 Aeromexico NC PROJECT OPENSKY (1) 
Project Opensky - B737-700 Aeromexico NC PROJECT image 1
Complete Aircraft
BOEING 737 700 Passenger V1 for FS2004 exclusively Copyrights: Repainted by : David Aquino(BW Designs) Contact davidaquino2002_at_h Features ( in depth ): Fully animated control surfaces independent suspension Front gear steering Trim ...
FS2004 Airliners | 9.26 MB | 23-Jun-2009 | Downloads: 1536
  Ayres Turbo Thrush DESCRIPTION S2R T65 NEDS Special Ops  
Ayres Turbo Thrush DESCRIPTION S2R T65 image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC
Special ops aircraft is a development of the Ayres Turbo Thrush crop duster. Some features are more powerful engine driving five bladed propeller and armour around cockpit compartment. It used by U.S. State Department for drug busting missions in South East Asia, ...
FS2004 Propeller Aircraft | 981.79 Kb | 16-Jun-2009 | Downloads: 1278