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  FS2002 Airbus A310 Sultans Flight Formely Registered  
FS2002 Airbus A310 Sultans Flight Airbus image 1
Textures Only
Formely Registered As V8 dpd. The Aircraft Is Owned By Prince Jefri Bolkiah, Former Finance Minister And Youngest Brother To His Majesty Sultan Of Brunei. He Now Resides In Uk France. Once, This Went Half way Around World Pick Up 100 Gallons Paint For Palaces. ...
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 1.04 MB | 06-Sep-2002 | Downloads: 843
  FS2002 Airbus A330 Panel  
FS2002 Airbus A330 Panel image 1
Includes Separate Overhead Panel And Pedestal With Basic Fs Functions. Uses FS2002 Stock Gauges Instruments But Also Requires The Concorde.gau (included). Best In 800x600 Or 1024x768. By Mattias Nordin
FS2002 Panels | 2.00 MB | 03-Sep-2002 | Downloads: 1829
  FS2002 Airbus A-340 Panel Version 2 (4) 
FS2002 Airbus A-340 Panel Version 2 image 1
The Panel Was Designed Based On An Actual A 340picture. This Version Includes Additional Gauges, Improved Radios And Hsi Gauge That Missing In First Version. Is Complete Package; You Dont Need To Have By Hector Molina
FS2002 Panels | 4.36 MB | 03-Sep-2002 | Downloads: 2035
  FS2002 Airbus A320-200 Jet Blue Airways (2) 
FS2002 Airbus A320-200 Airbus A320-200 Jet Blue image 1
Complete Aircraft
.gmax. Model Has Fully Animated Parts Including Functional Suspension And Folding Landing Gear Struts. The Full Night Lighting. Original By Mike Stone Textures repaint Guido Hardow. Anthony Giordano.
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 470.50 Kb | 30-Aug-2002 | Downloads: 2359
  FS2002 Airbus 320-200 (1) 
FS2002 Airbus 320-200 image 1
Complete Aircraft
This was originally an Lufthansa A320 200, it's my first repaint in the Dragonair Livery, with complete moving parts, hope for those who downloaded will enjoy it. Send me some comments about it, thank you.
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 472.24 Kb | 06-Jul-2002 | Downloads: 1114
  FS2002 Airbus A321 Air France  
FS2002 Airbus A321 Air France image 1
Complete Aircraft
It features a complete range of moving parts, including double slotted flaps, slats, spoilerons, steerable nose wheel and rolling wheels. also includes tranparent cockpit night lights textures. By Mike Stone.
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 324.12 Kb | 17-May-2002 | Downloads: 2047
  FS2002 Airbus A3XX Panel Package (4) 
FS2002 Airbus A3XX Panel package image 1
2 Panels for all A3XX (For and 4 Engines). Same view of the packs, allmost like real cockpit. Many added gauges: auto takeoff, landing, ground speed, altitude, wind indicator, fuel left indicator in hours, bank angle, visual configuration, final landing result, ...
FS2002 Panels | 10.57 MB | 14-May-2002 | Downloads: 3146
FS2002 Panels | 2.40 MB | 09-May-2002 | Downloads: 1996
  FS2002 Airbus House Colors A380-f Promx Version 2 Ver.2  
FS2002 Airbus House Colors Airbus A380-f Promx image 1
Complete Aircraft
The Ver.2 Added Landing Lights And New Night Textures To Long List Of Orignal Promx Like: Cargo luggages Bay With Opening Doors, Thrust Reversed, Wings Engines Views From Cockpit All Moving Spoiler, Fans Leading Edges, Tilted Wheels, Front Turning 3d Gears Bays. ...
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 682.41 Kb | 04-May-2002 | Downloads: 1761
  FS2002 Airbus A320-211 British Airways Bauhaus  
FS2002 Airbus A320-211 British Airways bauhaus image 1
Textures Only
Textures repaint Only! You Must Download And Install A320 This Is Based On The Iadg (design: Holger Ellerbrock Andrew Richards Base Textures: Frank Di Candia). By Nicolas George
FS2002 Airliner aircraft | 1.91 MB | 05-Jan-2002 | Downloads: 1127