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Before upload please check the following items:

  • Obtain all necessary permission(s) for anything you are using based on another designer's work. Don't user other people's work without their permission.

  • Include complete install instructions in an text file that can be created with windows Notepad (for example "install.txt"). Don't forget to include your real name and email address. Use plain text file: anyone can read it, no matter what their system or software.

  • Write a brief description of the file, using windows Notepad, and save it as text file. Name it "file_id.txt" or "file_id.diz". It must include a brief description and give yourself and/or other involved athors the proper credit. If you are submitting repainted textures only, please be sure to include a link to the original model.

  • Create several screenshots in JPG format and name it as you want, this pictures can be in any resolution you want, the bigger the better.
    We may include all suitable images along with the file description.
    If you include it within the ZIP file, this images no matter its size will be scaled down to thumbnails and used.

  • Put all your add-on files plus the created "install.txt", several add-on screenshots and the "file_id.txt" or "file_id.diz" into a single ".zip" file and name it as desired.

  • Unzip your .zip file and test it. Make sure that includes all the required files in order that your add-on will work with no problems.

  • By properly following the above simple guidelines you can be sure that your add-on will be published on an expedite manner.

  • Uploaded add-ons without it's proper "file_id.txt" or "file_id.diz" or "install.txt" files or a plain text file with description and install instructions , will be NOT published.
    Windows rich text format (RTF) files are not plain text files.

    This is not the form to upload pictures (either if they are zipped or packaged in any form), no pictures uploaded using this facility will be published. Please submit your pictures here.

    Ready? Proceed to the upload form

    Important Information to Flight Simulator add-ons Developers.

    We are commited that any material submitted to by the authors will NEVER be used by for CD-ROM/DVD creation with the final purpose to making money.
    If you as author, think that any of your creations has been published here at SurClaro without your proper authorisation, please contact us at webmaster at surclaro dot com