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Download file  GMAX - AUDI A6

GMAX - AUDI A6 image 1

GMAX - AUDI A6. FOR GMAX USERS Static high detail car for scenery designers INCLUDES. - Gmax file - Model file - XML file - Materials and textures - High detailled exterior and interior 3d car model for scenery designers. - This is a free 3D model I got on the internet (thanks to the author; sorry, I dont have her or his name) and I just converted and reworked it a bit with Gmax so it can compile in FSX . - You will need the excellent Library Creator XML (special thanks to Arno Gerretsen) or a similar program to include the model in a library and locate it in your scene as well as ...

Filesize: 11.65 MB | Added on: 28-Oct-2014 | Downloads: 20

  DBS Terrain Map for Flight Simulator X  

DBS Terrain Map for Flight Simulator X

Terrain Map represents on monochromatic display a real terrain relief map before aircraft and can be used on Bush Flying approach in hard weather conditions at mountain airports or any other similar conditions. Terrain map represents topdown aircraft oriented view of the scenery terrain and could be zoomed by Range buttons. Terrain map have plain map MAP mode or highlighted terrain altitude peaks PEAK mode. For safe flight use PEAK mode and follow to the dark areas on map in PEAK mode dark area represent map from 300 feet below aircraft altitude light area represent terrain altitudes above aircraft altitude. DBS Terrain Map presents special interface that provides ability to ...

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Download file  FSX cameras weapon effects ekranoplan

FSX cameras weapon effects ekranoplan image 1

FSX cameras and weapon effects ekranoplan. Russian missile armed ekranoplan from Alphasim, now This huge mixture from aircraft and speed boat is also known as Caspian Sea Monster. My addon provides 5 internal and 6 external cameras plus smoke- and lightsystem with weapon effects. It requires a direct download from Configuration by Erwin Welker.

Filesize: 269.87 Kb | Added on: 06-Nov-2012 | Downloads: 54

Download file  FSX Bristol Britannia Sounds

FSX Bristol Britannia Sounds. This sound folder has been carefully compiled by Terry Hall ( using authentic archive sound recordings of the Bristol Britannia powered by four gas turbine Bristol Proteus engines. The folder is designed to be used in synchronisation with the FSX version of the Bristol Britannia originally designed by Jens B. Kristensen, and must not be used for any other purpose. INSTALLATION 1. Download the zip file 2. Locate your sound folder for the Britannia at Microsoft Flight Simulator X/SimObject/Airplanes/Britannia/sound and rename ...

Filesize: 32.99 MB | Added on: 10-Apr-2012 | Downloads: 98

Download file  Davtron Chronometer M803 v4 FSX/FS2004

Davtron Chronometer M803 v4 FSX/FS2004 image 1

Davtron Chronometer M803 v4 FSX/FS2004. stand alone XML gauge. Upgrades . activation key strokes (NOT for FS2004) and sound associated to flight time with the help of Doug Dawsons sound gauge. Two background bitmaps available (w/ or w/o screws). No guarantee that its working like the real thing ; - ) and any comment will be welcome. Working . Red button upper . mouse or CTL+SHIFT+Qto select OAT ( C - F) or main bus voltage Button SELECT (blue left) . mouse or SHIFT+Qto select GMT time, Local Time, Flight time and Elapsed Time Button CONTROL (blue right) . mouse or CTL+QWhile FT set To ...

Filesize: 3.42 MB | Added on: 18-Mar-2012 | Downloads: 49

Download file  Price Gauge Panel FSX

Price Gauge Panel FSX image 1

Low Price Gauge Panel FSX. TUTORIAL How to make A Low Price Gauge Panel for FSX Gera Godoy C.

Filesize: 369.10 Kb | Added on: 01-Mar-2012 | Downloads: 255 | Rating: 1 (2 Votes)

  TweakFPS for FSX  

TweakFPS for FSX

Tweak your scenery settings to maximize FPS and find that sweet spot or compromise between speed and quality. nbsp . Quickly Toggle Between 8 Different Scenery Modes . With TweakFPS you avoid the need for moving sliders and settings back and forth for different types of flying IFR VFR or for special scenery such as MegaScenery You also cut out the need to continually edit the FSXCFG manually a tedious task at the best of times After applying the mode TweakFPS will launch FSX with your preferred flight assigned via the Settings page. Set Up Custom Modes TweakFPS gives you the ability to tweak the default predefined modes If you do not fancy the hardcoded program defaults then you ...

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Download file  FSX AI Traffic tool

FSX AI Traffic tool image 1

FSX AI Traffic tool. AI Traffic tool is created to provide a way for the average flight simulator players to be able to utilize the Traffic Builder SDK included with Microsoft Flight Simutor X. The tool s main functionality is to create A.I. Traffic that uses all aircraft textures present in the user s FSX directory. 2. Requirements Hardware requirement of this software should be same or lower than what the Microsoft Flight Simulator required. As for the software requirements, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and SDK are required. Christopher Flordeliza. All rights are reserved. Microsoft is ...

Filesize: 4.04 MB | Added on: 28-Jan-2012 | Downloads: 1003

Download file  FSX Cessna C208B Gran Caravan Splashscreen

FSX Cessna C208B Gran Caravan Splashscreen image 1

FSX Cessna C208B Gran Caravan Splashscreen. Questo uno splash screen per FSX con il Cessna C208B Gran Caravan di default. Autore. Mauro Carini Installazione. Copiare il file dlgsplash.bmp contenuto nella cartella dlgsplash e incollarlo nella cartella Uires di FSX per sostituire il file originale, (dopo il solito backup!) Grazie per aver scaricato il mio splash screen Ciao! This is a splash screen for FSX with the default Cessna C208B Gran Caravan Author. Mauro Carini Installation. Copy the file dlgsplash.bmp located in the folder dlgsplash and paste it the FSX folder named Uiresto ...

Filesize: 1.07 MB | Added on: 07-Dec-2011 | Downloads: 184

Download file  FSX Utility V7.3.3 Addit Pro

FSX Utility V7.3.3 Addit Pro image 1

FSX Utility V7.3.3 Addit Pro. For Flight Simulator X Addit! Pro is a comprehensive addon manager for Flight Simulator X. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, adventures, flights, flight plans, gauges, missions, panels, A.I. airport and facilities data, scenery, sounds, textures, videos, weather and more! Archive add-ons to Addit! Pros File Cabinet or recreate them in zip files. Modify your aircraft, panels and sounds. Automatically update FSs Scenery Library. Includes FS Configuration Manager, complete scenery library editor, ZIP/RAR support and much more! See Readme.htm for ...

Filesize: 10.80 MB | Added on: 03-Dec-2011 | Downloads: 1271 | Rating: 2 (3 Votes)

Download file  FSChatter Live FSX/FS9 Version 1.6.5

FSChatter Live FSX/FS9 Version 1.6.5 image 1

FSChatter Live for FSX/FS9 Version 1.6.5. The program uses Flight Simulator s communications frequencies to play live streaming ATC transmissions from the web. There are two modes of operation. automatic and manual. In the automatic mode, Flight Simulator must be running and a COM frequency selected that has an ATC stream assigned to it. In the manual mode FSChatter Live can be operated without Flight Simulator. The program also has a range feature that allows you set a distance in miles around a selected airport. ATC transmission will not play if you are flying beyond this range. You ...

Filesize: 4.12 MB | Added on: 15-Nov-2011 | Downloads: 318 | Rating: 8 (1 Vote)

  Traffic X PlusPak - Military  

Traffic X PlusPak - Military

This package features 150 aircraft comprising 16 different types The aircraft are fully compatible with Traffic X FSXDX10 Preview compatible and the textures are in the new DDS format. This new PlusPak for Traffic X includes additional Airport Facility files to improve the default airports with more parking positions especially for large aircraft and flight plans are in the new Traffic X format so that they can be used by the Traffic Control Centre TCC an updated version of which is included. This addon provides additional military AI aircraft for Traffic X but Traffic X is NOT required if you want to simply add this PlusPak to FSX. All fighters have an access ladder shown hooked onto ...

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Download file  FSX Flight Plan flight Grand Canyon

FSX Flight Plan flight Grand Canyon image 1

FSX Flight Plan for a flight through the Grand Canyon. If you want some spectacular views and fun flying try out this flight plan. There are over 800 waypoints used that take you through most of the canyon. Two flights included. One going eastbound and the other going westbound. You will be flying in the default Cessna 172 with the autopilot connected. Just sit back and watch the scenery go by. Dont get too relaxed because there are a couple of turns that you will have to take control of the aircraft. Included in this package are two spectacular gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flying ...

Filesize: 2.66 MB | Added on: 05-Nov-2011 | Downloads: 512 | Rating: 3 (1 Vote)

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