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FSX Bombardier Learjet 60   [Reviews]
FSX Bombardier Learjet 60 image 1
FSX Bombardier Learjet 60 image 2
FSX Bombardier Learjet 60 image 3

FSX Bombardier Learjet 60. A pair fanjet, 8 invest clientele aircraft in 5 liverys. A finish wad with 2D Panel, dynamic Virtual Cockpit with a good cabin, HTML checkout & Ref Lists. Designed in Flight Simulator innovation Studio (FSDS) 2 & 3 with fill out animation. Features initiative airstair, lunge reversers, nighttime lighting, contemplative textures and more. intent by Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May & Kevin Pardy - prime minister Aircraft Design.

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Filesize: 9.95 MB | Added on: 11-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 7917 | Total Votes:: 19 | Overall Rating: 7.89

Category: FSX General aviation Jets | ZipDigZipDig | Contents New feature

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Users Reviews

FSX Bombardier Learjet 60 7.89 of 10 over a total of 19 reviews 19 user opinions

Total of 19 comments

User: der33Rating: 10April 7, 2013
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1

User: 100000902310378-facebookRating: 10September 24, 2012
User's Average Rating: 9.7# of Ratings: 18
I went "Wow" when i saw this one. The details are awesome! The exterior, the interior, the VC, it's all perfect! You do however need a good machine to run it without laggy graphics. No need to talk about handling: Handles like most Learjets. This is a must have!

User: MikafsxRating: 10April 28, 2011
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 2
I love those kinds of jets! maybe another plane like this!

User: fc_17912019328282616291Rating: 8February 2, 2011
User's Average Rating: 8.1# of Ratings: 16
Nice virtual cabin and cockpit. The frame rate specifically on the instruments are a bit slow. Also I can't see the wing from inside the cabin!

User: 1140510077-facebookRating: 5November 22, 2010
User's Average Rating: 5.0# of Ratings: 1
Works Great. Thanks

User: fc_05567786823638467630Rating: 10October 14, 2010
User's Average Rating: 9.6# of Ratings: 14
this is brilliant:)

User: fc_06895145234436367500Rating: 10October 11, 2010
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
This aircraft is just amazing. Everything in the VC works perfectly; the panel is awesome; the autopilot is just amazing; and last but not least, the virtual cabin is a great addition!!! DOWNLOAD NOW

User: fc_10289813644781193670Rating: 8July 17, 2010
User's Average Rating: 8.0# of Ratings: 1
Stunningly beautiful, smooth controls and a must have. Great job guys!

User: 100000546511187-facebookRating: 10July 11, 2010
User's Average Rating: 9.5# of Ratings: 2
Brilliant controls and great to look at! THANKS!

User: joerbrannRating: 6June 1, 2010
User's Average Rating: 8.4# of Ratings: 12

User: BACDRating: 10January 2, 2009
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
This is awesome! i love it!!! you did a good job! be proud of your selves!

User: gapiguRating: 10August 27, 2008
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
good good

User: nanukinRating: 8May 16, 2008
User's Average Rating: 8.0# of Ratings: 2
Faltan muchos detalles en el panel de instrumentos, que los tiene el Lear 45, pero igual est bueno

User: Kevin729bisRating: 2January 14, 2008
User's Average Rating: 2.0# of Ratings: 1
Cockpit virtuel inutilisable

User: kidkingRating: 10October 27, 2007
User's Average Rating: 5.5# of Ratings: 2
Really good!!!

User: ALARICRating: 3October 3, 2007
User's Average Rating: 7.0# of Ratings: 4
This sounds like a great add-on but in reality I installed on my computer and My flight sim stapped working.

User: thunder506Rating: 3August 8, 2007
User's Average Rating: 3.0# of Ratings: 1
very poor cockpit and exterior design...i prefer FSX Lear

User: STOKERRating: 9July 24, 2007
User's Average Rating: 8.0# of Ratings: 4

User: lbolenRating: 8July 18, 2007
User's Average Rating: 7.5# of Ratings: 2
Black is still beautiful! Handles really smooth.

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Number of Comments: 19

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