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Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner   [Reviews]
Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner image 1
Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner image 2

Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner. Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project Boeing 999-1000 squad Model interior designer :Koen de Groot Flight Dynamics architect :Jos Langenberg and Koen de Groot G-MAX consultant :Rien Cornelissen Quality Control :Eric Vorstenbosch and Koen de Groot Tested :Koen de Groot victor textures :Koen de Groot Painters :Mike de Vries,Eric Vorstenbosch and Jos Langenberg. Contact:

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Filesize: 2.95 MB | Added on: 06-Dec-2005 | Downloads: 578 | Total Votes:: 2 | Overall Rating: 10.00

Category: FS2004 Airliners | ZipDigZipDig | Contents New feature

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Wilco E-Jets for fs2004

Filesize 152 MB BASE PACK FS2004 Only Emb 170 Emb 190 Lineage 1000 . The Embraer 170190 range of airliners are an entirely new family of aircraft with stateoftheart avionics flybywire technology superior cabin comfort and extraordinary and uncompromising performance Windows Seven 3264 Bits compatible. Highlights . Highly detailed Embraer 170190 with Lineage 1000 as BONUS Fly up to 120 passengers with a range of over 2400 Nm New generation flight deck Detailed interiors with superb details Ultra realistic dual FMS Full Authority Digital Engine Control FADEC. Embraer EJets Series is definitely the most serious Boeing and Airbus competitor . Wilco Publishing attributes ...

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Users Reviews

Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner 10.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews 2 user opinions

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User: markcanniffRating: 10December 16, 2005
User's Average Rating: 9.3# of Ratings: 6
This aircraft is an interesting idea. When the 747 was built people wondered if it would even fly – well after 30 some years and a new model or two due to come out, who knows how long this aircraft will remain with the airlines. The 999 would seem to be (almost) like Boeing’s version of Airbus’s double decker. When I first looked at this thing I thought “Holy cow! How much bigger can we get?!” It really is beautiful on the outside but looks can be deceiving! So what follows is my first impressions (my flight notes) of this very big aircraft: First Impressions: The 2d panel is the same as the 747 (which is no surprise). There is no virtual cockpit. The outside looks beautiful, the engines give the appearance that they move. I think being built in G-Max has helped its frame rate. Flight test conducted at 5,000ft, 250ias. The speed brake clicks into place (arm, up, down) when you’re looking at the engine console. Flaps extend, speed brake extends, ailerons and elevators are animated. Couldn’t see any nav lights or beacons. Responds well when you taxi. Take off at 5 degrees of flap, rotate at 125ias, 10 degrees pull up and positive climb happens around 160ias. Set climb at 800ft per minute. Requires 10 degrees of flaps for nose-level flight at 250ias. Stalls clean at about 185ias; stalls full flaps at 145ias (both of which is with a full tank of gas). Land at about 180ias; descend rate at about 600fpm. Once it hits the runway – make sure you have armed the speed brake, reverse thrusters go without saying. Disengage reverse thrusters at 60ias; retract flaps and taxi to the gate. The bottom line is this: It handles very much like the 747 – very forgiving, an easy aircraft to fly (remembering of course, you have all that weight to deal with). There is no 3d panel . . . but who cares! It is easy to load and easy to fly, what a joy! (I have not tested this bird at cruising altitude, nor have I flown it in a long-haul test but I loved what I saw.) I give this a 10! Mark Canniff

User: floris13Rating: 10December 12, 2005
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
very good!

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