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Download file  FS2004-Macchi Castoldi MC205 Orione

FS2004-Macchi Castoldi MC205 Orione image 1

FS2004-Macchi Castoldi MC205 Orione. High-altitude interceptor fighter prototype. Derived from the MC205Veltro,had a new wing with an increased wing aerea and new forward fuselage,made the shape much slimmer.N1 & N2 models with different armament.Both had a 20 mm cannon in the nose and 2 machine guns in the engine cowling;N1 with 2 machine guns on the fuse sides;N2 with 2 cannons in the wings Model,texture,panelF.Giuli.Gauges other authors

Filesize: 8.35 MB | Added on: 20-Apr-2012 | Downloads: 93

  Legendary MiG-21 (FS9)  

Legendary MiG-21 (FS9)

Filesize 33 MB Legendary MIG 21 Special includes three MiG 21UM versions Standard one 490L tank and 2 APU 13 rails Clean 2 APU 13 rails Long range one 800L tank and 2x490L tanks. 10 accurate and detailed liveries. . MSFS 20022004 MS CFS 2. Two USSR AF USAF Norma Jeane UK RAF Finnish AF GDR AF Czechoslovakian AF Polish AF Indian AF Luftwaffe Two USSR AF USAF Norma Jeane . . Legendary MIG 21 MSFS features. Moving parts Hinged canopies instructors cockpit periscope rotating wheels landing gears wheel nacelle covers engine nozzle allmovable stabilizer ailerons rudder flaps airbrakes landing gears shock struts Animated ...

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Download file  FS2002/FS2004 Blohm Voss BV142 V2/U1

FS2002/FS2004 Blohm Voss BV142 V2/U1 image 1

FS2002/FS2004 Blohm Voss BV142 V2/U1. This was a German civil aircraft developed for the transatlantic air mail service, originally designed for the German national airline Lufthansa. The first prototype was flown on 11 October, 1938. Soon after the start of World War II, it was proposed to convert all four prototype BV142 to long-range maritime patrol aircraft. The BV142 V2, thus underwent a trial modification. by Kazunori Ito.

Filesize: 4.59 MB | Added on: 16-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 91

Download file  Fs2004 Aermacchi MB-326 Italian Air Force 2nd

Fs2004 Aermacchi MB-326 Italian Air Force 2nd image 1

Fs2004 Aermacchi MB-326 Italian Air Force , 2nd Stormo. FS2004 Aermacchi MB-326, textured to represent an aircraft of Italian Air Force 2nd Stormo operative during 1970. Requires the original model by David Friswell ( Textures repaint by Manuele Villa. File name :

Filesize: 2.61 MB | Added on: 15-Feb-2006 | Downloads: 89

Download file  FS2004- -Imam RO57 Fighter Dive Bomber

FS2004- -Imam RO57 Fighter Dive Bomber image 1

FS2004-ONLY-Imam RO57 Fighter and Dive Bomber. All metal semi-monocoque fuselage with a steel skeleton and Duralumin structure. The wings were also Duralumin.Powered created by two 840 hp (630 kW) Fiat A.74 radial engines, involved the addition of dive brakes,ordered into production in 1942 and entered service with the 97 Gruppo in 1943. About 50-60 aircraft were delivered.Model,texture,panel created by F.Giuli .Gauges different authors

Filesize: 9.62 MB | Added on: 22-Feb-2011 | Downloads: 84

Download file  FS2004-Savoia Marchetti SM89

FS2004-Savoia Marchetti SM89 image 1

FS2004-Savoia Marchetti SM89. First flight in 1941,in use in March 1943, for anti-tank & other roles.Forward fuselage housed only one pilot and in tandem radio operator and gunner.Nose section rounded, short and much inclined,to have the best visibility in attack.2 cannons anti-aircraft & 3 machine guns in nose,1 in dorsal turret & in remote-controlled ventral turret.Model texture,panel F.Giuli.Gauges other authors

Filesize: 8.31 MB | Added on: 12-Dec-2011 | Downloads: 83

  Legendary F-104 (FS9)  

Legendary F-104 (FS9)

Filesize 49 MB Expect all topend Gmax model features high detalis full animation reflective textures dynamic shine and more The package includes Five F104G Starfighter model variants Clean 2 Tip tanks 2 Tip tanks 2 pylon tanks 4 Sidewinder 2 Sparrow AA missiles 4 bombs. Three TF104 Starfighter model variants Clean 2 Tip tanks 2 Tip tanks 2 pylon tanks. . Detailed textures of 15 liveries included. Belgian AF Canadian AF Dutch AF German AF German Navy Greece AF Japan AF Italian AF Norwegian AF Soviet AF Spanish AF Starfighters display team USAF 1 USAF 2 Turkish AF. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. CPU 900 MHz 128 Mb of RAM 16 Mb ...

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Download file  FS2004-Piaggio P50- prototypes

FS2004-Piaggio P50- prototypes image 1

FS2004-Piaggio P50-Two prototypes. Mother and father of the more famouse italian heavy bomber Piaggio P108B.P50I had 4 engines Isotta-Fraschini AssoXI liquid cooled push- pull,P50II with more traditional 4 radial engines Piaggio PXI RC40.Both had fuselage, wings (in shoulder position)& tail surfaces in welded steel construction;normal single fin-rudder.Model,texture,vc-cockpit F.Giuli panel alphasim.Gauges other authors

Filesize: 10.58 MB | Added on: 25-Feb-2012 | Downloads: 83

Download file  FS2004 SpadFonck

FS2004 SpadFonck image 1

FS2004 SpadFonck. Escadrille des Cigognes n 12 Rene Fonck Ren Fonck est l as des as fran ais et alli s de la Premi re Guerre mondiale avec 75 victoires.La derni re citation de Fonck fait tat de 75 victoires confirm es ainsi que de 69 autres? total 144 Le SPAD S.VII est un avion biplan fran ais utilis lors de la Premi re Guerre mondiale. Ce fut le premier dune s rie de chasseurs biplans succ s, fabriqu s par la SPAD. Comme ses successeurs, le S.VII fut reconnu comme un appareil solide et robuste Ren Fonck est l as des as fran ais et alli s de la Premi re Guerre mondiale avec 75 ...

Filesize: 5.99 MB | Added on: 06-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 81

Download file  FS2002/FS2004 Dornier Do217N1 Night Fighter

FS2002/FS2004 Dornier Do217N1 Night Fighter image 1

FS2002/FS2004 Dornier Do217N1 Night Fighter. The Do217 in its first form was first flown in 1938 and was developed for the need for a larger derivative of the Do17. It was employed in various roles until the end of the war. Type N1 was the second nightfighter variant and differed externally from the J by the change in powerplant from radial to inline engines. by Kazunori Ito.

Filesize: 2.44 MB | Added on: 01-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 77

Download file  FS2002/FS2004 Boulton Paul P100

FS2002/FS2004 Boulton Paul P100 image 1

FS2002/FS2004 Boulton Paul P100. This was an unbuilt project for a ground-attack aircraft to a draft Air Ministry specification (unnumbered) of March 1942. The P100 was the most advanced and unorthodox of the many designs the aircraft industry responded with. It had a canard - pusher layout to give the pilot the best possible view and would have had an armament of 40mm and 20mm cannons along with bombs and rockets. Two kinds of models(Clean / with Missile) are included. by Kazunori Ito.

Filesize: 3.59 MB | Added on: 16-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 77

  Electric Canberra Tugs and Trainers Power FS2004  

Electric Canberra Tugs and Trainers Power FS2004

Flying Stations is proud to present a new series of English Electric Canberra models for FS9FS2004 This pack covers secondline usage in the form of target tugs and crew trainers with T4 T11T19 T17 and TT18 models Four models are included the T4 T1119 T17 and TT18 along with new working and droppable payloads. Whilst FS9 native they have been tested to a high degree of FSX compatibility and all four models come with a wide range of features and mousable VC items including. Working Rushton winches on TT18 toggle port winch with main exit command and stbd winch with Tail Hook command Target flares can be ignited with taxi and strobe light switches in VC or 2D winch operating panel Main ...

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Download file  FS2004 Miles M14A Magister

FS2004 Miles M14A Magister image 1

FS2004 Miles M14A Magister. Intermediate Camouflage layout The first single wing airplane trainer to enter RAF service. Aircraft possibly of No. 28 E&RFTS. at Meir, C. 1939. Minor changes to the Flight Dynamics and panel.cfg. Ver. 6, developed by Edward Cook

Filesize: 2.03 MB | Added on: 17-Nov-2009 | Downloads: 76

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