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Download file  Fs2004 grumman f-14a top gun tomcats.

Fs2004 grumman f-14a top gun tomcats. image 1

Fs2004 grumman f-14a top gun tomcats.. Effects upgrade and top gun movie repaints by. Dean mountford vf-1 maverick, vf-213 iceman. And vf-1 cougar versions.. Accurate gmax model with full moving parts,. Virtual cockpit and picturereal textures.. Original 3d gmax model by jeff dobbing. Gauges. And effects various authors.. Gmax model rework, textures, panel, etc. By Dino Cattaneo

Filesize: 37.83 MB | Added on: 26-Jun-2004 | Downloads: 12049 | Rating: 7 (40 Votes)

  English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004  

English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004

Flying Stations is proud to present a new series of English Electric Canberra models for FS9FS2004 This pack covers the second generation of bomber Canberras featuring uprated engines and additional payload capabilities for enhanced combat performance Four models are included the B6 BI6 B15 and B16 along with new weapons effects and droppable payloads. Whilst FS9 native they have been tested to a high degree of FSX compatibility and all four models come with a wide range of features and mousable VC items including. Jettisonable drop tanks and payloads located inside virtual cockpit toggle arming switch then press stores switch to release Matra rocket pods B16 only set to smoke ...

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Download file  Boeing B52G B52D FS2004 I

Boeing B52G B52D FS2004 I image 1

Boeing B52G and B52D for FS2004 I will be more than happy if this B-52 will be one of your favourite aircraft in your compilations. Please understand that due to my limited knowledge there are some limitations as below. 1. There is no Virtual Cockpit. A msfs default B747 400 panel and sound sets are used. 2. Some areas like interior and exterior of the aircraft, under carriage etc., lighting equipments, the actual unit, camouflage pattern and colors has been designed/painted to some extent using my imagination. 3. When in flight, drogue chute bay is interlocked with the spoiler, ie. ...

Filesize: 10.85 MB | Added on: 23-Sep-2004 | Downloads: 11863 | Rating: 8 (29 Votes)

Download file  Fs2004 Mcdonnell Douglas Av8b Harrier Ii

Fs2004 Mcdonnell Douglas Av8b Harrier Ii image 1

Fs2004 Mcdonnell Douglas Av8b Harrier Ii Plus Primary Function: Attack And Destroy Surface Targets Under Day And Night Visual Conditions. Excellent Flying And Hovering Performance. Includes Moving Ailerons, Rudder, Nosewheel Steering, Flaps And Nozzles. Two Panels Included. Acsgps (freeware) And Fsnavigator (shareware) Compatible Version For Fs2002 Had 15440 Downloads Model And Paint By Jim Atkins. Fs 2004 Adaptation And Flight Dynamics By Alejandro Villa

Filesize: 5.19 MB | Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 11805 | Rating: 6 (27 Votes)

Download file  Super Hornet F/A-18 E Atsugi Airbase

Super Hornet F/A-18 E Atsugi Airbase image 1

Super Hornet F/A-18 E Atsugi Airbase. Super Hornet that has flown to the Atsugi Airbase and it is my first F/A-18 E aircraft design. The distinguished appearance from the original Super Hornet and the E type is the air intake duct, which is square shaped. The door and the air intake have a jagged edge to enhance the STEALTH effect. Sound provided by B. Magann. I do not have the E-mail address but we would like to thank him for the great sound that he has made! By TEAM Flight Simulator KBT

Filesize: 30.51 MB | Added on: 07-Apr-2004 | Downloads: 11146 | Rating: 9 (40 Votes)

Download file  . (

. image 1

hi .. everybody i hope u like my work .. i have done some changes to this great model by Kirk Olsson. i changed the flight dynamics and used dean reimer. i changed the pilot texture in the Virtual Cockpit and used Sebastian Hecker. i added msfs default fs2004 lightes. i added msfs default fs2004 smoke effects for some aerobatics moves. i added msfs default fs2004 panel and modified it to make it work with Virtual Cockpit. i added msfs default fs2004 touchdown effects. i give it a good view for landing. i give the aircraft a new weight and balance. i had to use sdk fs2004 edit, to make ...

Filesize: 7.50 MB | Added on: 15-Sep-2004 | Downloads: 11084 | Rating: 8 (16 Votes)

  Russian Military Jets FSX FS2004  

Russian Military Jets FSX FS2004

AFSdesign brings a excellent rendition of Russian Military Jets. MiG21 MikojanGurewitsch MiG29 MikojanGurewitsch SU27 Sukhoi . MiG21 with 60 different liveries. German Democratic Rebublic GDR National Peoplearmy NVA Russia Airforce Bulgaria Croatia Egypten Hungary India Poland Romania and Szech Texture for repainter. MiG29 with 24 different liveries. Germany Bundeswehr Luftwaffe Airforce German Democratic Rebublic GDR National Peoplearmy NVA Russia Airforce Russia Airforce with specialrpaint Repaints from Poland Hungary and Slovakia Airforces . Su27 with 45 different liveries. CHINA India Russia with special texture Poland ...

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Download file  FS2002/FS2004 Grumman F-14A/D TOMCAT F-14

FS2002/FS2004 Grumman F-14A/D TOMCAT F-14 image 1

FS2002/FS2004 Grumman F-14A/D TOMCAT The F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, variable sweep wing, two-place fighter designed to attack and destroy enemy aircraft at night and in all weather conditions. Short range, medium range, and long range,It was made as an interceptor that was able to deal with all combats. And, D-type is a type that improves the ability as the ground attacker. Four kind of models(without weapon and with weapon of Type A and Type D) and two kind of paint examples(Type A of VF-1 Wolfpack / Type D of VF-101) are included in this file. by Kazunori Ito

Filesize: 3.98 MB | Added on: 09-Dec-2004 | Downloads: 10872 | Rating: 8 (18 Votes)

Download file  Fs2004 gmax f-117 nighthawk.

Fs2004 gmax f-117 nighthawk. image 1

Fs2004 gmax f-117 nighthawk.. The f-117a nighthawk is the worlds first operational aircraft designed to exploit low-observable stealth technology. The unique design of the single-seat f-117a provides exceptional combat capabilities. About the size of an f-15 eagle, the twin-engine aircraft is powered by two general electric f404 turbofan engines and has quadruple redundant fly-by-wire flight controls. Air refuelable, it supports worldwide commitments and adds to the deterrent strength of the u.s. Military forces. Model includes moving surfaces, bomb doors, pilot visor, opening canopy. ...

Filesize: 2.96 MB | Added on: 07-Jun-2004 | Downloads: 10263 | Rating: 5 (18 Votes)

Download file  FS2004 Fairchild Republic A-10A Warthog 81-0963

FS2004 Fairchild Republic A-10A Warthog 81-0963 image 1

FS2004 Fairchild Republic A-10A Warthog 81-0963 Spangdahlem The A-10A Thunderbolt II is the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They are simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles. This particular aircraft is the s/n 81-0963, USAFE 52d Fighter Wing, 81st Fighter Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. This Model comes with 3D gear bays, all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc.. (landing gear, nose wheel, spinning ...

Filesize: 7.96 MB | Added on: 13-Aug-2004 | Downloads: 10167 | Rating: 7 (20 Votes)

Download file  FS2004 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

FS2004 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III image 1

FS2004 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. The best Freeware C-17 I have found. Model creator is Mike Stone. Textures repaint in McChord AFBs Aircraft 00-172 The Spirit of the Cascades by myself, Robert. Any

Filesize: 1.64 MB | Added on: 28-Dec-2005 | Downloads: 9745 | Rating: 9 (9 Votes)

  EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Professional  

EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Professional

For both Flight Simulator X or FS2004 a Century of Flight. Airplanes included. Aircraft ID variable identifiers in the German Euro Fighter Interactive fly wingman in the second Eurofighter Interactive engine new sound effects Individual adjustment of external loads and animations Paintings with real acting dirt and scuff marks Detailed descriptions of cutaways. Procedure Display managment. MAN truck with tow bar Enable Disable Ladder Enable Disable Parabrake Enable Disable Wingman Enable Disable Radom Open Close. External load screen to select the following suspensions. Meteor IRIST TAURUS KEPD 350 Paveway III AGM65 Maverick MBDA ALARM A ...

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Download file  Lockheed Martin X-35 rev.C STOVL Model:

Lockheed Martin X-35 rev.C STOVL Model: image 1

Lockheed Martin X-35 rev.C STOVL Model: Kazunori Ito (Jp) Aerodynamics: Yahia al-Wajid (Es) For MSFS2004/Flightsim FS2004/FS9 improved detailed model of the Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing (STOVL) X-35 jet from Kazunori Ito. Now you can hover in light winds with zero speed and yet manoeuvre. Stability has been optimized, as well as all flight dynamics. Standard (VC) cockpits and instruments gauges come with the airplane. This model flies and doesnt need hover-gauges (slewing). Richly detailed exhaust, a refuel boom, engine doors opening and closing as well as rotating engine ...

Filesize: 3.84 MB | Added on: 07-Apr-2006 | Downloads: 9482 | Rating: 7 (15 Votes)

   Flight Simulator Downloads > FS2004 Downloads > FS2004 Military add-ons page 2 of 75

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