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Download file  Hana Heli-Obstacle Course v2.0

Hana Heli-Obstacle Course v2.0 image 1

Hana Heli-Obstacle Course v2.0. for flight simulator 2004 Country: United States Location: Hawaii Airport type: Civil & Military ICAO Code: PHHN IATA Code: HNM Hana Airport is a regional airport of the State of Hawaii on the east shore of the island of Maui, 3 NM northwest of the unincorporated town of Hana. The airport covers 119 acres and has one runway. It is primarily a commuter facility used by unscheduled air taxis and general aviation. This scenery is intended as a single/multiplayer helicopter obstacle course where heli pilots can meet to compete, show off, and share their ...

Filesize: 58.56 MB | Added on: 14-Dec-2010 | Downloads: 233

  Flight Operations X - British Airways FSX  

Flight Operations X - British Airways FSX

Filesize 230 MB Flight Operation X FOX is a new series of Missions designed to be used exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. FOX British Airways is the first title of this new products line that lets you fly using the British fleet Seaton in your favorite aircraft and enjoy the realistic flights ambience recreated by exclusive British Flight Manager an improved software interface which has been part of many of Perfect Flights products in the past. There are 303 presaved flights that you can edit and compile into a single mission to use in Flight Simulator X The Flight Manager allow you to make your choice of Flight determine Weather condition Season Departure Date and Time ...

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Download file  downloading Emergency

downloading Emergency image 1

Welcome and thank you for downloading my Emergency Landings! You are on a long approach to Princess Juliana Intl. when your engines stop. You start to drop from the sky when shortly after, your engines come back online. You manage to regain control but now you are speeding to the airport! You cannot afford a go around at risk of another engine failure. You must get those people back to Earth. It is up to you captain, good luck... ~ Darryl Forbes - ~

Filesize: 150.50 Kb | Added on: 20-May-2007 | Downloads: 2353 | Rating: 6 (3 Votes)

Download file  FS2004 Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2B

FS2004 Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2B image 1

FS2004 Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2B Islander Version 2 Model and Panel by Marcel Kuhnt This Textures repaint by: Bashir Ismail Version 2 with Virtual Cockpit and maintenance Mode This aircraft is used by Zambia Flying Doctor Service for Emergency Medical and Health Services throughtout Zambia. For far-flung details refer to PDF Readme inside About ZFDS Folder

Filesize: 7.93 MB | Added on: 30-May-2006 | Downloads: 1534 | Rating: 8 (1 Vote)

Download file  FS2004 option simulate sailplane/glider

FS2004 option simulate sailplane/glider image 1

FS2004 option to simulate sailplane/glider towing by using the msfs default Cessna 172. Take off with your favorite glider airplane from the ground of any airport, gain altitude and then get released from the pulling Cessna. This add-on is not exclusively usable for the msfs default Schweizer sailplane, but also includes sample panels for Blanik L-13, schleicher ASK21, and Grob G-102 Astir. The bitmaps allows easily replacements and reconfigurations for any desired glider airplane panel. By Erwin Welker

Filesize: 1.03 MB | Added on: 23-May-2006 | Downloads: 3025 | Rating: 4 (4 Votes)

Download file  downloading beautiful flights

downloading beautiful flights image 1

Thank you for downloading these beautiful flights over the Alps. All elements off my sceneries here is based on FREWARE as well as the whole of this product, so dont try to make business out off it. It is for FS2002, I dont know if it will work in FS2004. You must have FSNavigator and a good graphic card. Also I will recommend you to have Italy North Terrain Mesh Scenery or The Alps mesh installed, which you can find on net. You can use all aircrafts with a speed up to 160 knots. I prefer Cessna Skylane 182s with + red even it is a little bit slow. The amphibian aircraft Lake Renegate is ...

Filesize: 4.65 MB | Added on: 22-May-2006 | Downloads: 742 | Rating: 5 (2 Votes)

  Delta Air Lines 737-800 Captain  

Delta Air Lines 737-800 Captain

Filesize 49 MB FSX Missions ia a new series of products designed exclusively for Flight Simulator X and for all Pilots who want real airline experience . As a new Delta Air Lines 737800 Captain you have now fifteen flights assignment in your Pilot Loogbook Missions includes short middle and long range flights All Flights are subsequent as in real life Your goal in each mission is to complete your scheduled flight following the assigned flightplan Land in the correct Airport and you will receive a SUCCESS message as usual in FSX Missions feature. Product includes . Boeing 737800 in Delta livery . Reworked stereo engines sound . 15 new Missions for your Flight Simulator X . Presaved ...

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Download file  Jamaica VFR flying Starting Sangster

Jamaica VFR flying Starting Sangster image 1

Jamaica VFR flying Starting at Sangster, going eastbound :o) Enjoy By Christian Haensel IVAO Jamaica ADIR

Filesize: 18.65 MB | Added on: 08-Mar-2006 | Downloads: 571

Download file  ?: simple list couple flights

What?: A simple list of a couple of flights occuring in Lost. Comments: Ive loved lost since the day it was first premiered. So I thought why not make some flight for this? This is my first Flight Simulator file. Thanks to ya all... Copyright (C) by: Martin F Persson 2006-10-2. All rights reserved. NOTE: IT IS NOT, BY ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ALLOWED TO BE SUBMITTED TO ANY OTHER PAGES THAN SURCLARO. Dont fear - Mervin is here Contact:

Filesize: 2.34 Kb | Added on: 12-Feb-2006 | Downloads: 265

Download file  FlighTease..

FlighTease.. image 1

FlighTease... a Tease Flight (no offensive images inside) Fly in the Hong Kongs sky, disused Hong Kong Intl (VHHX) is available to give us hospitality, through 8 very special gates at assigned speed and altitude, make a precision landing and the girl will show her best side!!! 6 gates gives you 10 points and 2 gives 20 points (they are just a little more difficult), the precision landing gives 50 points. From the combination of this points your final score could will be: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 or 150. The girls generosity will be proportional at your piloting ...

Filesize: 3.33 MB | Added on: 03-Feb-2006 | Downloads: 2395 | Rating: 7 (5 Votes)

Download file  CIA ops01 - April 17th 1961 Bay Pigs

CIA ops01 - April 17th 1961 Bay Pigs image 1

CIA ops01 - April 17th, 1961 The Bay of Pigs. First in a series of fictional CIA operations. Happy landings, youve made a name for yorself on your first mission with the CIA. See Install.txt for credits. Owen Graham (ArchTX)

Filesize: 118.04 Kb | Added on: 05-Dec-2005 | Downloads: 1896 | Rating: 10 (1 Vote)

  Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation Full Version FSX  

Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation Full Version FSX

Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation Full Version offers you a realistic collection of multicrew airline missions to replicate real life flight operations Missions give you more realistic flight experience in a populate aeronautical world ambience with interactive briefing step to step checklists Speed restriction Cabin Announcements and more. All presaved Flights uses real weather and a realistic flight plan is provided with interactive cabin preparation charts and maps for arrival airports Flights replicates real scheduled Airline routes fromto worldwide airports. Product also included an extensive Flight Manual to learn how to manage the Airbus A321. Full Version Product Feature. 9 new ...

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Download file  FSPassengers Mission ADD- Pack Created

FSPassengers Mission ADD- Pack Created image 1

FSPassengers Mission ADD-ON Pack Created by Stewpot Productions! Mission Add-on Pack: This pack contains 10 new missions for FSPassengers, (you must be a Demo/ Full Program user to install) the files are called: 1. Exotic Destinations 2. Emergency Landing! 3. My Airline is the BEST! 4. Bringing our troops Home 5. UK Low cost Airline 6. Save this Airline 7. Lets show them how to do it! 8. Pocket Money 9. Mission Impossible 10. as smooth as Milk Please visit:

Filesize: 887.40 Kb | Added on: 31-Aug-2005 | Downloads: 2934 | Rating: 6 (3 Votes)

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