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Download file  Shrimpers Cove Pascagoula Mississippi

Shrimpers Cove Pascagoula Mississippi image 1

Shrimpers Cove, Pascagoula Mississippi. 1938 Fictional Scenery by Christopher Tarana for FS2002. February 9. 2012

Filesize: 2.56 MB | Added on: 27-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 20

  CLS Airbus Beluga A300-600R A310 FSX/FS2004  

CLS Airbus Beluga A300-600R A310 FSX/FS2004

Welcome to a fine package This Airbus Package includes 3 of our Airbus fleet which are A300600R A310 series Beluga Compatible with FS2004 and FSX Not compatible with DX10 . This package brings those unique planes all together in one installation Giving the virtual pilot hours and hours of fun Always wanted to be a cargo pilot But also flying passengers someday This package includes both Cargo and Passanger planes aswell as a military model and a demonstration model A list of features Dynamic wingviews Dynamic shine Dynamic wingflex XML gear wheels stay flat on the ground Opening passenger and cargo doors Special cargo models with opening cargo doors and cargo ...

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Download file  Roosevelt Field Curtiss Field Garden City NY

Roosevelt Field Curtiss Field Garden City NY image 1

Roosevelt Field and Curtiss Field Garden City NY. May 1927 Semi-Historical Scenery by Christopher Tarana for FS2002. March 03, 2012

Filesize: 496.66 Kb | Added on: 26-Oct-2012 | Downloads: 5

Download file  CFS Scenery Add- Leeuwarden Combat Flight

CFS Scenery Add- Leeuwarden Combat Flight image 1

CFS Scenery Add-On Leeuwarden for Combat Flight Simulator 1 The Leeuwarden scenery is ficcional but attempt to be approximated to the reality showing the airport like it (may) have looked like in WWII days, under Luftwaffe occupation. Shows the current airfield layer took from the real maps but with buildings and vehicles of the WWII time period. This scenery places Runway, AFD menu entry, NDB beacon frequency, buildings, fields, trees, ground vehicles, static planes, searchlights and more to the airfield of Leeuwarden. Edmundo Abad, 04/08/2010 Santiago- Chile

Filesize: 1.68 MB | Added on: 10-Sep-2012 | Downloads: 7

Download file  Fs2002 Semi-Historical Scenery Dutch

Fs2002 Semi-Historical Scenery Dutch image 1

Fs2002 Semi-Historical Scenery Dutch Flats/Ryan Airport. by Christopher Tarana. This airport was established by the founder of Ryan Aircraft, Claude Ryan. According to the AIAA report Historic Aerospace Site. Dutch Flats Airport . As business expanded, Ryan found a new location on a salt flat called Dutch Flats, adjacent to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. In the spring of 1923, he moved his operations there & paid a $15 per month rental fee. He managed to build a hangar & a small office building. The new location on the corner of Tide Street (later renamed Barnett Avenue) and ...

Filesize: 567.71 Kb | Added on: 09-Aug-2012 | Downloads: 8

Download file  Fs2002 Fictional Scenery Rattesnake Gulch

Fs2002 Fictional Scenery Rattesnake Gulch image 1

Fs2002 Fictional Scenery Rattesnake Gulch. Baca County Colorado - 1940 by Christopher Tarana for FS2002. January 19. 2012

Filesize: 1.70 MB | Added on: 20-Jul-2012 | Downloads: 1

  English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004  

English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004

Flying Stations is proud to present a new series of English Electric Canberra models for FS9FS2004 This pack covers the second generation of bomber Canberras featuring uprated engines and additional payload capabilities for enhanced combat performance Four models are included the B6 BI6 B15 and B16 along with new weapons effects and droppable payloads. Whilst FS9 native they have been tested to a high degree of FSX compatibility and all four models come with a wide range of features and mousable VC items including. Jettisonable drop tanks and payloads located inside virtual cockpit toggle arming switch then press stores switch to release Matra rocket pods B16 only set to smoke ...

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Download file  Fs2002 Fictional Scenery OtterCreek2k2

Fs2002 Fictional Scenery OtterCreek2k2 image 1

Fs2002 Fictional Scenery OtterCreek2k2. Otter Creek Observatory For FS2002. by Christopher Tarana.

Filesize: 2.44 MB | Added on: 16-Jul-2012 | Downloads: 4

Download file  Bobs Barnstormer Cleveland NY

Bobs Barnstormer Cleveland NY image 1

Bobs Barnstormer, Cleveland NY. - 1949 v2.0. Fictional Scenery by Christopher Tarana for FS2002. Fixes bad texture on taxiway, and makes taxiways wider.

Filesize: 2.33 MB | Added on: 09-Jul-2012 | Downloads: 4

Download file  Bobs Barnstormer Cleveland NY

Bobs Barnstormer Cleveland NY image 1

Bobs Barnstormer Cleveland NY. 1949 Fictional Scenery by Christopher Tarana for FS2002.

Filesize: 2.33 MB | Added on: 18-Jun-2012 | Downloads: 2

Download file  FS2002 Terminal Houari Boumediene Airport

FS2002 Terminal Houari Boumediene Airport image 1

FS2002 New Terminal Houari Boumediene Airport (DAAG) Algiers Algeria. Non Realistic Albeit Very Useful. Complete With a Modified AFCAD and TTools File. With French Text Too. by G. Guichard

Filesize: 8.50 MB | Added on: 13-Jan-2012 | Downloads: 18

  Traffic X PlusPak - Civil  

Traffic X PlusPak - Civil

This addon provides additional civil AI aircraft for Traffic X but Traffic X is NOT required if you want to simply add this PlusPak to FSX. This package contains 12 aircraft types in a variety of paint schemes giving a total of 137 aircraft The aircraft are fully compatible with Traffic X FSXDX10 Preview compatible and the textures are in the new DDS format. This new PlusPak for Traffic X includes additional Airport Facility files to improve the default airports with more parking positions especially for large aircraft and flight plans are in the new Traffic X format so that they can be used by the Traffic Control Centre TCC an updated version of which is included. All aircraft have ...

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Download file  FS98 Scenery Seaton Carew Aerodrome Seaplane

FS98 Scenery Seaton Carew Aerodrome Seaplane image 1

FS98 Scenery Seaton Carew Aerodrome and Seaplane Station. 1916 British WW1 Aerodrome and Maritime Operations Station, located South-East of Hartlepool. The landplane station was in operation between May 1916 and June 1919, and was the home of both a RFC/RAF Home Defence squadron 36Sqn. The seaplane base at the mouth of the river Tees was in operation by the RNAS between October 1917 and May 1919. VOD and Airport textures required. The scenery also has some API objects - Some Blackburn Kangaroos and a Blackburn GP. By Stephan Scholz

Filesize: 564.08 Kb | Added on: 01-Dec-2011 | Downloads: 2

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